Top Reasons For Moving Your Family To The Country

Top Reasons For Moving Your Family To The Country

June 24, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

credit to Alison Christine

Living in or near a major town or city is good for some people who love the noise and everything that goes on there. Others have the dream of moving away to the countryside. There are many advantages to living out in the country, and we will take a look at some of them in this article. If you have a family, especially with young children, I hope you will grab the opportunity to move out there with both hands, should it ever arise. Here is why you should.

Fresh Air

The pollution levels in towns and cities are unacceptable. The local authority will argue that the levels are within permitted levels, but I argue that the permitted levels are far too high. Reports on the news yesterday say that climate change may bring back the smog, which is deadly even to people who do not have lung disease. It happens when a mass of air does not move for days. Because fresh air doesn’t replace it, pollutants build up, and death rates soar. If you were to move to the country, your family would have a permanent supply of fresh air to enjoy without the worry of heavy pollution.


There is little to entice us or our children out of the house in towns and cities. All of the places we played many years ago are now gone thanks to the invasion of land developers. Farmers found that there was more profit to be had by selling the land rather than growing crops or raising cattle on it thanks to cheap imports with which they could not compete. Out in the country, where the land is untouched as of yet, you have plenty of room to use and explore. The children can run in fields and explore woodland; something that most children are denied today except on managed forestry commission land. They can make their own entertainment by building a den in the woods or fighting off an imaginary foe. When children have room to play it sparks their imagination, and they make good use of the surroundings.


Listen to the birds and rustle of trees instead of traffic. The sound of cars and trucks is all around us, and it invades our lives so much that we sometimes do not even notice it anymore until it is gone. You will appreciate the lack of that insidious sound when you ears only hear the sounds of nature. That fact alone is enough to drive people straight to the estate agents.

Dark Sky

Many people have never seen a dark sky because of light pollution from populated areas. Only when the nearest town is a faint glow on the horizon can you experience true darkness and see the majesty of the night sky. There are more stars than you could count in a lifetime, and hopefully you will be able to see the milky way. Lie on your back and look straight up to the sky; you are almost guaranteed to see a shooting star within an hour.

Well, I hope you are heading for the internet, newspaper, or letting agents, to find a place to live away from the town. It is an attractive prospect, and the argument for the move is compelling, I think you will agree.