Finding love in a retirement home

Finding love in a retirement home

June 23, 2014 0 By Jane

Some people say that love is a young person’s game but that’s utter nonsense!  Love is something that transcends age, and even those in their twilight years can still find companionship, even if they’ve moved into a retirement home. In fact, a retirement home is a wonderful place to find love, and here’s why, along with some things to consider…

There are plenty of activities to take part in together

Any retirement home worth its salt will have a range of activities in which you can take part, and this is perfect to meet someone who has similar interests. Take the care homes run by Extra Care for instance: you can take part in loads of activities, including arts & crafts, gardening, woodwork, IT training, and many more social events and entertainment. After all, it’s important that you stay active when you’re older, and doing it in pairs or groups is much more enjoyable. Your social life won’t have been this active in years, so getting to know some great people (and maybe that special someone) is easy!

You’ll always have someone to talk to

Having good company is something that worries a lot of elderly people, but by finding a companion you will ensure you have some great company pretty much all of the time. Staying in a retirement home, you’ll never be too far from that person if you want some to chat to, or sometimes it’s just nice to sit with someone even if you don’t feel the need to talk.

Don’t go searching for it

As is always the case, love comes along when you least expect it, usually when you’re not looking for it. Don’t go storming in trying to find a potential partner or you’ll likely end up being rejected. You also have to be sensitive to others; you don’t know whether someone has lost a partner and isn’t looking for anyone else. Just let any potential relationships flourish naturally and the whole thing will be better for everyone.

Volunteers and staff are off limits!

It can be tempting when you see that hunky young staff member to develop a bit of a liking for them, but you need to remember that they’re off limits! A bit of harmless flirting never hurt anyone, however, so you might be able to get away with that!

Friendship rules all

When you’re in your elderly years, having a solid group of friends trumps everything, so don’t prioritise trying to find that one special person. You’ll meet loads of new people and will likely strike up some great friendships, which will be much more valuable. Love would be great but friendship rules all and is much easier to come by!