Compelling Reasons to Move to the Country With Your Family

Compelling Reasons to Move to the Country With Your Family

February 9, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Living on an estate, main road, or in a city can be a drag sometimes. There doesn’t seem to be enough room for all of us does there? From the regular traffic jams that snarl up our roads to the crowded supermarkets we are forced to endure as we gather our supplies. Our population hasn’t increased massively, but it certainly seems like it has as we fight our way through the day.


Getting away from it all with your family has never seemed such an attractive proposition. Here are some great reasons why you should take the leap and leave suburbia in the rear view mirror.

Air Quality

We often don’t even notice the quality of the air in which we are living. Heavy traffic pollution is commonplace. Poor air quality is damaging to our health. It is only when we get away from heavily populated areas that we can smell the difference. Taking a deep breath you can smell nature instead of car exhausts. Invaluable!


Are your children lacking places to play? Well, there is no shortage in the country. Let their imagination run wild as they enjoy the wide open spaces and hedgerows. The countryside is a natural play area where the imagination of children can drive them on many exciting adventures. They could have their friends around to play and what a great time they would have.

Peace and Quiet

No more traffic noise or being awoken by roadworks. The worst you will get is the local farmer on his tractor. Your nearest neighbour could be a ten minute walk down the lane. For some of us, this is bliss. I would advise purchasing a top quality suite in the Alexander Rose garden furniture sale or elsewhere online, to relax in comfort outside, and soak up nature at its best.

Work From Home

Now we are in the age of the internet, the sky’s the limit with regards to homeworking. A small office in your new country cottage can keep you in touch and productive. Great if you are your own boss. An office in the cloud is the order of the day here.

You may be spurred on to change careers if your current job prohibits homeworking.


Flora and Fauna. Experience nature as it should be and not see it rummaging through our dustbins for scraps of food, because we have destroyed its natural habitat.

Of course, living in the countryside will include living with mother nature’s smaller creatures. You may find that you occasionally have little guests move into your home. Some people may be happy to live with the odd field mouse in your skirting board but things like wasp nests should be dealt with immediately.

Self Sufficiency

If you have managed to bag a nice bit of land, why not try to become self sufficient. You may not make it the whole way, but growing your own fruit and veg is both healthy, cheap and ultimately rewarding.

It is easy to keep chickens too. We are so often restricted from doing that in our two bed semi’s because of the noise affecting the neighbours. There is nothing like fresh eggs for breakfast every morning.

So there we have it. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about a beautiful country life. In fact, after writing this, it has stirred my imagination, and I am off to look for cottages to rent for the weekend. Adios my friends.

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