Healthy Breakfast Tips and Ideas from a Working Mother

Healthy Breakfast Tips and Ideas from a Working Mother

June 25, 2014 0 By Jane

As a working mother, I know too well how important a good start can have on how you feel and how much you get done throughout the day.  Many people find it hard to find the time or motivation to bother making a healthy breakfast that will get their day off to the best start, however the truth is it is not actually that hard or very time consuming to prepare a morning meal.  What’s more, not only is it a very versatile meal but putting it together can also be a lot of fun.

One type of breakfast that I personally love is having a selection of fresh fruit chopped up and served with some natural yoghurt.  I love the creaminess and the fact that you can just turn whatever you have in your fruit bowl, cupboard and fridge into a mouth-watering morning feast that also gives you a head start for getting your 5 or more pieces of fruit for the day.  Any real sweet tooth out there should try chopping up some pineapple, melon, grape, apple with some slices of dried apricot.

Perhaps you prefer something hot first thing in the morning.  By making slight changes to how you cook the ingredients, even the humble full English can become a healthy option for breakfast.  Instead of frying the sausage, bacon and tomato, try grilling them as they will taste just as nice, without needing any oil.

If I want a warm breakfast, I always choose porridge – I think it may be my husband’s Scottish influence.  Some people seem to think that porridge takes too long to cook or that it is far too bland.  The actual truth is that porridge does not take very long to cook, particularly if you are just making a portion for yourself.  While it might be bland on its own, the beauty of porridge is that you can add various things to it to make it rich and tasty.  Dried fruit, fresh fruit, some chocolate spread, honey and even salt all work well.

In recent years breakfast bars have become a popular breakfast option for busy people.  They normally consist of a mixture of oats, cereal and nuts and are often dipped in chocolate or yoghurt to add extra flavour.  If you have a very limited amount of time in the morning, these are great to have in the house, particularly as you can eat them on the walk, bus or train ride as part of your daily commute.

One of my best friend’s favourite breakfasts is a couple of slices of toast with a slither of marmalade or jam and a side of farm-fresh scrambled eggs.  It is something she has always done since she was a little girl and I have to say that I love on a less busy morning sitting back with a cup of tea and some toast.

Breakfast is not nearly as a hard a meal to prepare for as people often make it out to be.  Hopefully, I have helped to give you some ideas and even if it still feels like hard work, many of the suggestions above can be prepared the night before, meaning you have more time to enjoy them before getting on with your day.