Why Moving To The Country Should Encourage You To Buy A Dog

Why Moving To The Country Should Encourage You To Buy A Dog

March 20, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

If you are planning a big move to the country soon, you may already be dreaming about the complete shift in your lifestyle. Life will be quieter and probably slower paced. The types of activities you and the kids will be getting up to will probably change too. How you live your life will be completely different to how it was in the town or the city, and soon you will be living it up in some quaint country lane.

The thought of a roaring open fire, and muddy wellies outside the back door is enough to make anyone want to move to a house in the country. Of course, there will be many sacrifices to make. You may have to drive just to get to the supermarket instead of nipping to the corner shop. Your broadband may not be quite as fast as you are used to, and there may not be much of a mobile phone signal either. But the air is fresh and clean, the land is green and vast, and your kids are going to love being able to wander out on their own.

If you do move to the country, you may want to seriously consider getting a dog. They are great companions and make good playmates for the children. They are also excellent at alerting you should there be a problem. When you are living somewhere with no street lights outside it can be incredibly dark. Having a dog to alert you puts your mind at ease and helps save you from jumping at the shadows. When you walk along a dark country lane in the evening, the company of a dog can make you feel much safer.

Of course, getting a dog is a big commitment, but the country life offers you a bigger house and land for them to run around in. Visit websites like K9 Stud to see if there are any bigger breeds you could give a lovely home to. They provide lots of love and big warm cuddles on a cold winter night! They are also great for encouraging you to get out there and explore all that wonderful countryside. If you are looking to get a dog, your children can benefit a great deal from pet ownership too.

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Owning a pet and looking after it well is a great life lesson for children. They quickly learn to behave like responsible adults when they have to care for another member of the family or the dog. Simple things like making sure the food is given at the right times, and cleaning up shed fur can be done by most age groups. Grooming and bathing is great fun too. Most importantly, they will need to consider the welfare of another being over their own wants and desires. Dog ownership certainly provides a wealth of good experience and life lessons for children. Your new house in the country will feel like home in no time once you have added a dog to the family number. Happy moving!