How The Addition Of A Dog Can Improve Family Life In The Country

How The Addition Of A Dog Can Improve Family Life In The Country

December 19, 2014 Off By Jane

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but really a dog is a best friend for the whole family. Of course you can keep a dog in most homes, as long as they have space to live comfortably in the house, and a place to be taken for a daily walk. If you are lucky enough to live in the country, then your environment lends itself well to the needs of your canine friend.

There are many ways in which a dog can bring happiness, joy, and lifestyle improvements to your life in the country.

Your Dog Needs Walking… And So Do You

One of the main responsibilities, and the main joys of living with a pooch, is that dogs need to be walked everyday. Far from being a chore, for many people this is a way to take some exercise themselves, while enjoying the bond that they create with their canine friend, and the friendly atmosphere often associated with dog walking.

The truth is that you need exercise as much as your dogs does, and owning a dog will give you the necessary incentive to ensure a decent exercise routine for yourself, bringing vast health improvements to your life, as well as improving your leisure time.

If you have friends who also have dogs then you can walk together, and you are likely to meet other dog walkers along the way, if your route is reasonably well walked. Don’t worry- your dog will break the ice, so you don’t have to. There are even social network sites for dog lovers, such as My Pawson, so you can always be sure to find like-minded dog-lovers.

It Can Teach Your Children Responsibility

What better way to teach your children about responsibility than to put them in charge of another life. Make sure that your children are ready for this commitment, and talk to them about it prior to buying a new dog. If you feel they are mature enough to look after an animal, then go ahead and allow them some of the responsibility; put the feeding or walking in their hands, and watch as they learn the direct impact they can have through their care, or lack thereof.

Of course, you should closely monitor the situation and be ready to pick up the pieces, and the dog poo, if their sense of responsibility should go out of the window. The dog should never suffer from negligence, and your own responsibility will be tested too.

Owning a dog can greatly enhance your children’s lives, and lead to more responsible, well-rounded individuals.

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Unmatched Loyalty and Companionship

All that care and responsibility is greatly rewarded by your canine friend, who has a great sense of loyalty and companionship. Dogs, like humans and most mammals, are pack animals, and they (like us) are hardwired to respond to social signals, form deep emotional bonds, and remain loyal to their pack (AKA family). They achieve this better than humans because this is their main program- they do not have to abandon you for a career, and they will never move packs.

Even though they are often bottom dog of the family they are unconditionally loyal and loving. You can learn a lot from this. You will also enjoy the company, especially if you live alone in the countryside, or if you spend a large chunk of the day alone. With a loyal and loving dog you will never be alone again.

Dogs Add An Extra Dimension To Life

The benefits of living with a dog are profound, and could even be lifesaving as well as life changing. Owning a dog could actually increase the health of owners, without even factoring in the extra exercise that they encourage. Doctors have suggested that interacting with our pets can release oxytocin, a stress relieving hormone that helps to reduce physical illness.

Pets provide purpose, and add a healthy routine to your life in the country. They fulfill your need to nurture, promote responsibility, and apart from anything else gives you genuine friendship. Consider a dog now to improve family life in the country.