How Your Newborn Can Enjoy Country Life Too

How Your Newborn Can Enjoy Country Life Too

December 29, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

There are lots of hazards for small children and babies when you live in the country. You might have an open fire. A fire guard can prevent small children from reaching into the fire, but it won’t stop the smoke from wafting into the room. Smokey rooms can make it difficult for newborns to breathe well, especially if they are more sensitive to it. Country living is often colder too. And there tend to be more animals around. So how can your newborn be safe enough to enjoy country life?

Just a few precautions can reduce any risks substantially. Start with the fire. As your baby starts to drift off to sleep, simply lay him down in a room that is not as smokey. Some extra air circulating in the room could be enough from an open window. Usually, the smoke will only bother a child if he already has a cough or sensitivity.

In colder climates or at cooler times of the year, add an extra blanket and a newborn bonnet to keep your baby warm enough. As he starts to move more, he will be able to keep warm in his own way. We all tend to get used to temperatures fairly quickly. Avoid scarves and other clothing that could get too tight.

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If you handle pets or other animals, be sure to wash and cleanse your hands thoroughly afterwards. This should be repeated if you have changed your baby’s diaper. To avoid nosy pets disturbing or harming the baby, keep them away from the room your baby is in. It’s important to introduce the baby to your pets, but this isn’t necessary for outdoor animals.

Now you have taken some precautions, it’s time for your baby to make the most of his environment. Country life gives you plenty of opportunities to explore landscapes that city-born children don’t have. Go for long walks together. If you have a harness, this may be easier to carry your baby. It’s also a really great way to bond and spend quality time together.

You can also enjoy park walks if you have a good pushchair. And with pushchair raincovers, you can enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. It’s good for your baby to experience the sights and smells of the environment. Watching the animals can be quite intriguing for your little one too. Don’t encourage animals to come over to you while you have your baby with you, though.

While you are out and about, talk to your little one about the things you can see and the sounds you hear. It helps build up your baby’s vocabulary and understanding of the world around her. Pack a change bag, some boiled water for you both, and plenty of baby wipes for when you are out. You may also want some travel hand cleanser. Tissues are handy for a runny nose too!

Life can be so different in the country for a new baby. Of course, the experience of lots of different environments and noises is good for a developing child. Enjoy yours with your new baby.