Unique Living Room Design Ideas

Unique Living Room Design Ideas

April 3, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

The living room is usually the most popular part of the home. It’s where you entertain guests, get together with your family, relax after a long day, or enjoy a film with your partner. The living room is a multifunctional space that can greatly affect our mood! Of course we’d all like to feel relaxed and content in the living room, so it’s important that it’s decorated to a comfortable, cosy standard. However, you don’t want your living room to blend in with the rest of them – check out these unique living room design ideas for something a little different!

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White Wonderland

For a white wonderland room, pretty much everything is white. Feel free to add a small splash of colour, but too much will ruin the effect. White/cream lamp shades, tables, fluffy carpets, cabinets, sofas, and accessories will look amazing with a few fairy lights, a bunch of flowers, candles, and wood flooring. Heaven!

Cute and Colourful

For a cute and colourful design, keep things fresh but vibrant. You can do this with a wooden floor and white walls, where you can then accessorise with colour to your heart’s content. A bright coloured coffee table will look amazing with a few colourful flowers in a vase on top, then just add a couple of funky cushions and some art work to complete the effect!

Cosy Vintage

For a cosy vintage feel, it’s all about pretty pastel colours, especially creams and pinks. Mix this up with wicker and materials, cosy throws, rugs, and pillows, and don’t forget to light your candles!

Clean Cut

Some people prefer a clean cut style living room, and this is easily done with the use of neutral, fresh colours, Try white walls, white marble flooring, with splashes of black, brown, and perhaps a few other colours in the form of accessories like pillows, chairs, and books. This look works especially well in a large living room.

Luxury Lounging

We could all use a little luxury sometimes! Have a living space where your seating area is totally social, so that you and your guests can share a great conversation and glass of wine. Use only light neutral colours and luxurious feeling fabrics.

Glam Texture

Glam texture is probably my favourite of them all! A white settee, bright coloured chair, and matching accents can look amazing. Paint your walls white and bright to make them pop, then add texture and patterns in the form of changing guards, carpets, and footrests. Add metallics for extra glam, and try custom wallpapers for an original feature wall!

Monochrome with a Twist

You can’t beat monochrome, as it’s such a timeless look. However, instead of going for simply black and white, add in bits of dark/light grey and cream. This will add another dimension to your monochrome living room!

What do you think of these living room design ideas? If it’s a classic yet different look you’re after, you can’t go wrong by emulating one of these lovely designs. Try them and see what you end up with – I promise, you’ll love it!