Stately Ideas For The Living Room of Your Humble Country Cottage

Stately Ideas For The Living Room of Your Humble Country Cottage

April 16, 2014 0 By Jane

The living rooms of countryside cottages conjure images of humble rural retreats with floral curtains, plump settee and brass ornaments. Imagine how awed visitors will be when they wander into your pride and joy to find it looking like the Lord’s Manor!

Cottages are the perfect type of home to decorate with upscale furnishings. They simply exude charm throughout, from the awkward brickwork to the exposed beams. Arranging your décor to compliment this other-worldly charm can have stunning effects and with the choice of designer furniture available together with antique shop bargains, creating your interior design masterpiece should not be too difficult.

Marble Fireplace

A good place to start is the fireplace. Most old cottages still have the original built-in fireplace which is something of a rarity in today’s age of modern high-rises and artificial gas and electric heaters. Given its talking points, it makes sense to feature the fireplace an eye-catching focal point of your living room and a sleek marble mantelpiece is a dynamic and opulent statement. There is also plenty of space to showcase charismatic ornaments.

Book case

To really exude the stately feel, a library is a must. Sadly, most cottages do not have sufficient space to dedicate an entire room to a book store, but you can neatly build a library into your living room alcoves. Integrating bookshelves into the architectural elements of your rooms makes good use of bad space and provides a noteworthy backdrop to the haute couture of your home.


When it comes to seating, the undisputed legend of an Englishman’s country manor is the vintage leather chesterfield sofa and chairs. A firm favourite since the early 1800’s, the Chesterfield has become an iconic symbol of quintessential British-ness and is a charismatic presence in any room. This finely crafted leather furniture provides the same standard of comfort and reassurance today as the Earl of Chesterfield envisioned when he commissioned the first one to be made.

Writing bureau

Antique writing bureaus are a work of art in their own write and will add a touch of classic elegance to your living room. Antique furniture has a story to tell and wooden bureaus with drop down tables, envelope compartments and sunken ink pots provides bundles of inspiration and a yesteryear ambience. Ask at your local antique dealer to keep their eye out for one.


Carpets in a stately mansion is unthinkable, so you should think about a rug in your cottage as an alternative. Laminate flooring is a stylish alternative, but you can add class with the rich colours of a classic oriental rug. As with the writing bureau, you are better to go with a worn antique rug rather than new machine-woven products as they have more quality and character and enhance the other-worldly charm of your cottage.

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