Tips For Remodelling Your Bathroom

Tips For Remodelling Your Bathroom

March 28, 2014 0 By Jane

Updating your bathroom is a great way to further add value to your home. It isn’t always easy to know where to start, and it all depends on your home, your tastes and your prospective buyers.

Layout and Functionality

Who uses the bathroom? This makes a big difference on the layout and the functionality of your remodel. A master bedroom en-suite may have a more elegant feel, with marble under-floor heating and perhaps a walk in shower. The colours should be neutral and calming, making use of the natural light. A guest bathroom may incorporate more storage for your guests, so they don’t feel that they are invading your space! A children’s bathroom may have a double sink, to speed up those mornings!

Help or no help?

Are these remodelling tasks you can do yourselves? Or is DIY help required? Look at online tutorials and do plenty of research, more often that not someone will have already had the same problem as you and there will be a handy step-by-step YouTube video for you. You will probably find, however, that the majority of the jobs you will be able to do yourself – but may need an extra pair of hands now and again!


Bathrooms can become out dated very quickly; and quite often bathrooms don’t need a full remodel, just a bit of extra attention! A slick of paint can do the world of good, a re-grout between your tiles? Often white tiles can easily be updated with coloured grouting, try dark blue to create a modern, trendy look or why not create a pattern with mosaic tiles. You don’t need to spend a lot updating your bathroom; Ikea has plenty of trendy, affordable, varied options to choose from.

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Know your plumbing

Keep all updates and renovation in keeping with your original plumbing, the last thing you need is a surprise, costly plumbing accident. Try not to block main ventilations of the room such as a window or a fan, and if you do not have ventilation into the room, introduce a window or fan to prevent mould – this should be number one on your remodelling list!

Extra features

Does your bathroom allow for plenty of storage? A towel rail? Cupboard for toiletries and cleaning products? Put extra thought into what needs a bathroom offers and whether you cater for them all, putting yourself into your buyers shoes will further increase the value of your bathroom remodel.