Fancy Organising A Barbeque This Weekend? Here’s Are Some Great Tips To Ensure Your Family Love It

Fancy Organising A Barbeque This Weekend? Here’s Are Some Great Tips To Ensure Your Family Love It

April 12, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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Everyone loves a good barbecue, and if you haven’t seen a lot of your family members for a while, this could be the perfect opportunity to give them a call and get them round for a few hours. Eating outside is a brilliant way to socialise with anyone if the truth is told, and it always allows you all to enjoy the sunshine and have a quick beer. With all this in mind, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks today in the hope of helping the occasion go off without a hitch. Don’t get me wrong, there’s very little you can do to mess this up, as everyone expects you to burn the food anyway, but you might need some help when it comes to planning the event, or building your own barbecue.

Last year, I spent around two months eating BBQ food thanks to investing in a top of the range gas model. However, as I soon found out, the newer devices simply don’t char your sausages in the same way coal and fire lighters do, and so this year I’m going back to basics. Considering this, take a few minutes to scan through all the information below, and you should come away with some great ideas that are guaranteed to make your day exciting and enjoyable for all the family.

Setting The Date

While you might want to make the arrangements a week or so in advance, this isn’t the best plan as weather can change quickly. So, it’s best to call all your potential guests and let them know you’re planning to hold a barbecue at some point over the weekend. Then, if it starts raining on Saturday, you can simply hold it the following day. Some rain or bad weather might be okay, but you want your guests to eat in the sunshine if possible.

Building Your Own Barbecue

This is really easy, and all you’ll need is some bricks, and some welding equipment from or another major supplier. Basically, you want to lay the bricks in a right angled horse-shoe formation, and then place a steel plate at the back before welding your grills in place. Some people like to keep the grills mobile, but this will be too risky unless you have time to cement the bricks into place and create a really strong structure.

Selecting The Perfect Food

These days, lots of people refuse to eat meat, and so you’ll definitely want to have a vegetarian option on standby in case any of your guests take this stance. Other than that, you want to head out to your local butchers to get some of his best sausages, and then purchase some Dexter beef to make your own burgers. While this breed is slightly more expensive than you might normally buy, the difference will be noticed by all your guests immediately.

Once you’ve sorted all this stuff, there’ll be nothing left to do but get a couple of cans out, play football with the kids, and wait for the food to start cooking.

Have an amazing day! I only wish I was free to attend.

See you next time!