Smarter Cycling for Better Health and Fitness

Smarter Cycling for Better Health and Fitness

July 21, 2014 0 By Jane

Cycling is great for your health and fitness when done smartly and correctly. But if you do it the incorrect way it can hurt you and be damaging to your body. Here are some gadgets that can help you make sure you are cycling correctly, whilst meeting your targets and goals.

Garmin Forerunner 620 Premium GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin’s Forerunner 620 Sports Watch will make certain you are riding smarter by the end of your first ride with this gadget. This device can share your ride with your family and friends via the Garmin app, or alternatively you can upload it to your computer and share it that way.

The Forerunner can also analyse where you’re riding capabilities lay and then can help you improve on them. By measuring all of the essentials like average speed and cadence, it will then push you to aim for better results within reason. It will also tell you what you need to achieve on the days ride in order to achieve the targets that you have previously set out. All of these devices are available with free shipping at 99 Bikes.

Garmin Edge 510 Classic GPS Computer

The Garmin Edge 510 Classic GPS Computer will give you the most comprehensive and accurate data available about your ride. This computer can track just about everything you do on your ride, so make sure you don’t slack of because it will know.

You will be able to track every detail during your ride, with the 510 recording your distance, speed metrics and ascent/descent grade. It will even tell you if you’ve achieved any new personal records once you have completed your ride. So it will certainly give you that extra motivation to achieve more or try harder on your next ride.

It’s also possible with the 510 to be able to send your ride data through to your phone and onto social media so your friends can see how your ride went. Another handy feature is the weather tracking. It is done in real time as well so you will know whether you may need to duck for cover during an upcoming weather event during your ride.

Garmin Vector Power Metre Pedals

Garmin’s Vector Power Metre Pedals will allow you to accurately measure just how much power you are using when you ride. The pedals do need to be hooked up to another Garmin device in order for it to give you the specific feedback though. It can even measure how much power each leg is putting through the pedals and what the balance of power is between the left and right legs.

The Vector is the lightest set of power measuring pedals on the market, which is important. It is also very simple and easy to install and can be easily transferred between bikes as it does not require a changing of the original drivetrain, crankset or wheels.

So there are three devices that can help you ride smarter, what are some more and are there any further tips for riders out there?

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