Can’t Find The Ideal Family Home? Think About Building Your Own

Can’t Find The Ideal Family Home? Think About Building Your Own

July 24, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Will Bakker

Sometimes when we want to move house, it is difficult to find one in the right place. If you do find one for sale there, the chances are that it will not suit your family. I’m sure that you recognise these circumstances. There is a solution; you could build your own house instead. Imagine having a home that you help to design, in a prime location. That sounds like heaven to me.

Most people sit back and think that they don’t have the ability to build their own property, but that is not the case. Let the experts do the job for you, to your specifications. Here are a few ideas that will set you on the road to construct a perfect family home.

The Land

The location is probably one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. Land is at a premium in towns and cities. You might be lucky and find a plot, but it is more likely that you will have to buy an existing property and demolish it so that you can use the land for your new home. Alternatively, you can look online for land releases in prime locations. Developers sell individual plots of land where you can build your own home. They will provide a resource pack which will contain some design guidelines, but the rest is up to you and your architect. Sustainable living is high on the agenda these days; there might be an emphasis on insulation and building materials from renewable sources.

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The Architect

Your architect will design a beautiful home in line with your wishes. All you need do is present them with an outline and a few sketches of your ideal home. here are a few features you might want to include.

  • Use the loft for extra bedrooms or a games room. It will probably be large enough to house a bathroom too. The loft is usually an underused space in homes. Make the most of every part of the house.

  • Build a basement that you can use as a games room or craft room for the children. You can use these amazing spaces for almost anything. Most people keep junk down there, but I am sure you can do better than that.

  • A Double garage always comes in handy. Fit an automatic door so that you never have to get wet when it is raining. It would be fantastic to put the kids in the car before you leave the house wouldn’t it?

The Construction

When you have detailed plans, the architect will recommend a construction company to see the project through. Take their advice because they have more experience than you. Work will begin on your new home, and you can relax in eager anticipation of things to come.

Soon enough you will be in your new home. Some people choose to hire contractors and manage the build themselves. They undergo much stress during the process and vow never to do it again. For a family, particularly those with young children, it is best to take the easy route and leave it to the experts.

Well, I hope you find the idea of building your own home compelling. It is the only way to get everything you want in a home.

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