How to Prepare for the Festive Season Well in Advance

How to Prepare for the Festive Season Well in Advance

July 20, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Although we have a whole year in between each Christmas, it doesn’t feel like much time at all once it’s made its way back round again. I used to be a person who let Christmas creep up on me, so I had a million things to do with very little time to do them in. This post will tell you how I now prepare for the festive season well in advance, so when Christmas shows its face again, you’ll have nothing to worry about:

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Start Saving at The Start of the Year

That’s right – start saving in January. The very start of the year. I realised that I should do this once I spent more than a whole month’s wages one Christmas and was in my overdraft for a good while afterwards. I hadn’t prepared for presents, not at all. If you start saving in January, even if it’s just £10 per week, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief at Christmas when you realise all of your gifts are covered!

Pick Up Decorations and Paper Right After Christmas

It might be too late for you to do this now, but remember it for next time. Pick up all of your decorations and wrapping paper immediately after Christmas, when they will be much cheaper than they usually are. You’ll need to find a safe place to store them, but you won’t need to pay extortionate prices for them next time!

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Start Thinking of What You Can Buy for Your Loved Ones

Don’t leave gift hunting until the very last minute. If you can think of anything you’d like to get a certain friend or relative for Christmas, note it down somewhere safe so you have a ready made shopping list. This will save you a big headache come December. In fact, if you see a gift you think they might like that isn’t going to spoil if you put it in the cupboard or on top of the wardrobe, buy it them in advance! Christmas hampers are always appreciated.

Don’t Buy Cards – Give Donations Instead

Cards get thrown away and are not usually appreciated unless you’re under the age of 10 or over the age of 70. Instead of wasting your money on cards, give a donation in the names of the people you would usually send cards too. This way, the money is used by a good cause, you save lots of trees, and you get a great sense of well being.

Practice Wrapping

I was rubbish at wrapping a few years back. In fact, I once spent a ridiculous amount of money on gift bags just so I didn’t have to wrap! Practice your wrapping by watching videos on Youtube. You can usually make a badly wrapped gift look better with ribbons and things, so decorate them to hide imperfections. It’s what’s inside that counts anyway, right?

Don’t leave anything until the last minute when it comes to Christmas. Plan all of your day in advance; right down to the beauty treatments you want to have leading up to the festive season. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!