Mother’s Guide to the Ideal Bedroom

Mother’s Guide to the Ideal Bedroom

December 8, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

The bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in the home, and that’s because it’s so personal. It’s important to derive comfort and joy from the bedroom. It’s far more than just somewhere to sleep. So it’s important to make sure you do what you can to make the bedroom is perfect. As a mother, you probably look forward to rest and relaxation in your bedroom. It’s probably your one private room in the whole home.

But, you also need to think about how your kids are affected by their bedrooms. The bedroom is crucial in the developmental phase for kids. So you’ve got to make sure you get their rooms spot on as well. Here are some of my suggestions to help you achieve the ideal bedroom.


Keep it Clean

The biggest problem mother’s face with bedrooms is keeping them clean. Think about how much mess and dust can gather around the room. This can be hazardous to health, and it’s never pleasant living in mess. So, the solution is to try to create a dust free bedroom that is tidy and spotless. To do this, you should work on encouraging the kids to tidy their own rooms. As for your room, try to keep it sparse, and make sure you keep things stored away – more on this later.


I think that the major focus of any bedroom needs to be on the comfort aspect. After all, the room is a place of rest and relaxation. And that means you need to be comfy and at ease when you’re in there. This all starts with the bed. You have to go shopping and make sure you have wonderful, soft sheets. Get a hybrid foam mattress, and make sure your pillows are fluffy and soft. You might even want to use earplugs and an eye mask to block out sound and noise so you can get the best sleep ever.

The Right Curtains

Curtains are a fundamental necessity in any room, but, particularly the bedroom. They block out the light, and keep the place dark for when you’re sleeping. A lot of people like to go with blinds these days because they look a bit more modern. But, I love the retro aesthetic of curtains, so I always make sure I use them. Getting the right curtains for the bedroom is a bit of an art form. You need to pick something that looks nice, but won’t be too colourful that the daylight comes pouring through.


As I mentioned earlier, storage is very important in a bedroom. You need to be able to keep the clothes and bedding somewhere organised. If it’s the kid’s room they will need somewhere to store their toys and possessions. So make sure that the rooms have plenty of storage facilities. If they don’t then you’re going to need to create more storage space. You can do this by getting a new bed, rearranging the room, or making extra closet space.

As a mother and family-oriented person, I think the home is a wonderful place. And the bedroom, in particular, deserves a lot of love and attention. These are the tips that I think will help you to produce the ideal bedroom. Whether it’s for you parents or the kids, you can’t go far wrong with my advice.