Handy Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom

Handy Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom

December 4, 2015 Off By Jane

When you are renovating your bathroom there are some crucial things you need to keep in mind to update the look in the most effective way.  To get the best from your bathroom, it should address all your psychological/internal needs as well as your physical needs.  In the following article you will find what we consider to be the most important tips for getting your bathroom looking just right.

Choose Classy Fixtures

Carefully choose the fixtures for your bathroom, when looking at what’s available from PlumbTile.  Remember, pedestal sinks with smooth and contoured lines are more attractive than very square and blocky varieties.  A claw-foot tub, even when it is enclosed in a deck will always add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Always Sit In Tubs Before Choosing One

Although you may have in your mind that you want the biggest of the bathroom tubs available, you need to remember that bigger is not always better.  60 cm is often comfortable and roomy enough, as this size will enable you to stretch out without being overwhelmed.   Always check out the the angle of the back of tubs as well as the lip for neck support and overall comfort.  If you do not have enough space for a very long tub, choose one that holds a higher volume of water.

Choose Long Lasting Flooring

Consider stone, marble and ceramic tiles as these are all ideal for water-resistant and durable bathroom flooring.  If you want to ensure that these kinds of flooring are warm, it is recommended you look at sub floor heating options.

Find A Stylish Mirror

when you are looking at mirror options for your bathroom, the old adage of quality over quantity is appropriate.  Your bathroom will look more aesthetically pleasing with one well-chosen, beautiful eye-catching mirror installed above your sink, than having various mirrors covering the walls.

Use Space For Multiple Purposes

As you do not often have unlimited amount of space in bathrooms, you need to try and make best use of the space you actually have.  This can be done by using available space for more than one purpose.

Invest In A Decent Toilet

While it is not necessary for you to spend silly amounts of money on a toilet; you should still see it as a long-term investment.  If you are especially interested in comfort, elongated seats and bowls using will make your nature calls more manageable.

Incorporate Luxury Wherever You Can

As already mentioned above, bathrooms are often not the biggest rooms in your house  If you are struggling for space to work with, you need to add luxury items and accessories where you can.  You could make your own spa-esque place to relax by adding a make-up vanity, exercise equipment, fireplace and television.