Kid’s rugs – add more than just interest to a room!

Kid’s rugs – add more than just interest to a room!

July 14, 2014 0 By Jane

There are days when the children cannot get outside to play and the bedroom or playroom becomes their base. With the need to easily clean floors that can take the punishment of children, their toys, paints, glue etc. it is no surprise that many parents are worried about adding a carpet or rug to the area.

Spark interest

But children’s rugs are great for adding not only an extra spark of interest but can also be used an educational tool too. Surrounded by plain walls, rugs on the floor can be a great way of adding the senses of both warmth and texture to a room, very much as we do in other rooms within the house. Even with heavily patterns, wall papered walls, block colour rugs can add a feeling of warmth underfoot.

Chop and change!

Another thing any parent will tell you is how quick children change their minds of their favourite toy or favourite thing to do. With alarming speed and frequency, children can one minute be demanding cars to play with and yet, in a blink of an eye, they want to run a farm.

Many of the children’s rugs on the market today are lightweight – so the maps rug can be rolled away, and the farm rug brought out. Some rugs are also two-sided, offering more flexibility and enjoyment.

Part of play

Rugs are also a great way of encouraging independent play, with many children’s rugs offering themes from the solar system, through to a road map, as well as game ‘boards’ and scenes that can spark a child’s imagination.

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Some rugs are also overtly educational in that they have the alphabet or words etc. on them and this too can make the basis of some great home-spun games. The choice of children’s rugs is growing all the time, and as they are relatively inexpensive too, it is within most budgets to invest in them.

How to buy a children’s rug

Just like the process of buying a rug for anywhere else in the home, you need to ensure you get the rug right for the playroom or bedroom, so why not follow these great hints? You can also find some more ideas about rug thickness and other considerations at

  • Cleanability – it is imperative that the rugs you chose are easy to clean; not just dust mites and general dirt, you also need a rug that will withstand the ‘onslaught’ of paint, glue and a variety of other sticky substances. On one hand you need to be robust, but also withstand the rigours of keeping it clean.
  • Quality – just because you know it will take a battering, don’t assume that you cannot opt for quality when it comes to a children’s rug. They need to be robust enough to withstand cleaning and playing, but this does not mean that they need to be ‘used and thrown’. A good rug, even with extensive cleaning and scrubbing, will last a long time…
  • The material – getting the right material is important, as the material it is made from will determine how easy and well it can be cleaned. Many people opt for children’s rugs made from synthetic materials, as they withstand stains much better than natural fibres. Mystified by which fibre is man-made and which is natural? Find out more here
  • The size – bear in mind the size of the room the rug will adorn, as well as how often you intend on moving it. Many people like the rugs to be flexible so that they can be moved and rolled with ease. Smaller rugs, especially more than one in a room, can be a great way of adding colour and interest to it.
  • The colours – children love bright things, and this has been linked to their development, especially in the younger stages. It seems that the brighter and bolder the rugs are the better when it comes to children’s rugs. Don’t shy away from bright colours, and vivid patterns as kids can find these comforting, as well as attractive.

Feeling really jazzy…?!

Why not opt for a shaped children’s rug? There are so many rugs on the market that it can be hard to decide what works best but some children love the shaped rugs that bring even more  interest to the room. They can also help theme a room and you will be amazed at the array of shapes and themes available from cars, lorries and animals, through to beautiful pink castle for the princess’s!

Rugs bring warmth and interest to a room, as well as finishing off the interior design of a space but many people invest in children’s rugs for the educational element they bring too.  Check out the latest kids rugs at The Rug Retailer