3 Things to Consider If You’re Buying A New Bed

3 Things to Consider If You’re Buying A New Bed

December 11, 2015 Off By Jane

Having the right bed for your comfort and support is a great way to help you get a good night’s sleep. If you toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable, it’s a clear sign your bed might not be right for you. Or perhaps your bed is getting old and you need to upgrade to a newer model.

Buying a new bed can be an important investment, and you can make the right choice for you budget and your sleeping needs by keeping in mind these 3 important tips.

The 3 important things to consider when you’re buying a new bed are as follows; the material the mattress is made from and how it is constructed, the room the bed is going in to, and if you share your bed, the preferences and needs of the person you will be sharing the new bed with.

The mattress material

Firstly, looking at the mattress material is a highly important factor, and one that is too often overlooked, and later regretted. There are many options for mattress material choice. By far the most common and popular mattress composition choice is innerspring coil, with 80% of sales being for this type of mattress. However this mattress type has also been reported to have the highest dissatisfaction rates among users, with 37% of users being dissatisfied with their innerspring coil mattresses.

Other mattress material options include latex, which 80% of users report being satisfied with, however it’s important to be mindful if you, or anyone else in the house has a latex allergy. Memory foam is another mattress material garnering more popularity each year along with latex, with 80% of users reporting being satisfied with their memory foam mattress, customers were particularly complimentary about Dynasty and Brentwood mattresses. Waterbeds, although not as popular these days still provide a good bed to a satisfied 79% of users. When choosing a mattress material it’s important to take into account your sleeping position and how firm or soft you need you mattress to be, because this will all depend on the mattress material.

The room the bed is going in to

When buying a new bed it’s important to consider the room the bed will be going in to, after all, this is where the bed will be spending all it’s time and where you will use it. Important factors to be aware of are the size and shape of the room, the decor and where the bed will go in the room to allow you to move around easily and safely. Of course a smaller room will only fit a smaller bed, but depending on your height and size, and your partners height and size if you share the bed, you might not be able to settle for a smaller bed. If space is limited, look for what other items in the room you can condense or remove, for example, stacking shelves on top of dressers for extra storage space and less floor space usage, or putting hanging storage in your closet to get more items off the floor and into existing storage space.

The bed also needs to be put in a good position where it’s easily accessible. For example, if two people are using the bed, it might not be the best idea to push one side of the bed up against a wall. Positioning the headboard end against the wall, and leaving both sides accessible is generally the best way to position a bed. And don’t forget your decor! The mattress doesn’t matter so much because it will be covered by sheets, but perhaps you want to go for a different styled base to match your room’s decor? Check out all the options available before you make your decision.

Who you share your bed with

If you share your bed with a partner, it’s a good idea to consider their need and preferences when buying a new bed or you may risk arguments later! It’s good to assess their sleeping position, the best type of mattress material for them, and find out how firm or soft they prefer a mattress before you buy a new bed.

Ideally, if you can both go shopping together when choosing a mattress and base for a new bed, that’s the best option. You are then both able to try out the mattresses in store, even together if you like, to see what they feel like with two people on them, and find a fit that seems comfortable for both of you.