5 Original Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Original Gift Wrapping Ideas

June 27, 2015 Off By Jane

There is a certain art to gift wrapping. Some people go the overly treaded path and mindlessly gift wrap their presents, paying little attention to the colors, design or overall look. Not me. I enjoy gift wrapping in a way that makes the gift look appealing. So appealing, as a matter of fact, that it feels wrong to open them and ruin the beautiful packaging!

When it comes to gift wrapping, I like to come up with unique, beautiful gift wrapping ideas. Below are five of the very best ways to make your gift wrap personal and unique!

  • The Pinterest fest

If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s time to hop on the creative bandwagon. Pinterest is my #1 source for creative ideas. So many hobbyists and craftsters post wonderful ideas and instructions on their sites, and it all gets collected into Pinterest, where it’s easy to look through and find inspiration. Just search for “gift wrap ideas” and be wowed by the collective creativity from all corners of the world. The only problem I have with Pinterest is that I want to make everything!

  • Create a personalized ribbon

I create these beautiful personalized ribbons for major events. The most important is for big gift-giving holidays like Christmas or for birthdays. We add some thoughtful text to the ribbons like “Merry Christmas from the Jane family” and use them on any gift wrapping for friends and non-direct family. It’s always received with a warm reaction and friends love seeing the new designs we send each year.

Creating them is simple. Head to a store that can create a personalized printed gift ribbon. From there, use their customizing options to select the size, colors, design, images, pattern and text. Once you have selected all your preferences, order the ribbon. That’s all there is to it!

  • Print (and even design) your own patterns

With today’s printers, you no longer need to buy boring gift wrapping paper with the same old designs. Instead, you can be creative and create your own personalized gift wrap patterns. You could go the fun route and create a word search. Or maybe your gift is romantic? In that case, you can create a gift wrap that shows your love for the person including pictures of you both. Just like that, you let the gift wrapping do all the talking, while creating something that will be appreciated and treasured.

  • Accessorize the package

A small ribbon, flower or other type of accessory can change the look of your gift and give it more heart. Ideas are plentiful. You can go the classic route and place a pretty bow, or you can be more creative and connect the accessory to the gift receiver. Accessories could be anything small item like keys, clothespins, or buttons. Flowers are a nice option (as long as the gift is given away quickly, before the flower dries out) or alternatively, you can create one out of paper or felt.  It’s all about placement and how you decorate the package, and it always helps to attach the accessory to a label or gift card.

  • Use fun ‘ingredients’

The best way to create an original gift wrap is to try to be unique and creative. For example, how about using glitter on your gift wrap? You can either use it on the paper, the ribbon, to create designs or alternatively create some sort of glitter pouch and have a 3D effect to the gift wrap. Other ideas could be using paper cutting techniques, confetti, hole punching designs onto the paper, and anything else you can think of! There is no limit to creativity when it comes to gift wrapping.

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