Is an eco-friendly home a perfect fit for your family?

Is an eco-friendly home a perfect fit for your family?

October 22, 2015 Off By Jane

At varying points, we’ll all wish we could contribute more towards saving the planet. Whether it’s being more mindful of our energy usage, installing solar panels, walking to work, or recycling, there are numerous ways that you can become the eco-warrior you’ve always wanted to be. Have you ever considered building your family an eco-friendly home, though?

Key features for your eco-friendly home

Solar panels are an excellent way of creating energy for your home without harming the environment – plus unused electricity can be sold back to the energy board for a profit. A water storage system is also a great idea; trap and use rainwater, reuse your home’s own water supply, and turn water into an energy supply. If you’re worried about keeping your home warm in the winter, or cool in the summer, think about your walls – insulation in your attic and walls will greatly reduce energy bills, save the environment, and keep you comfortable, while walls that store and convert thermal energy into power will form an integral part of future eco homes.

What are the pros and cons of creating an eco-friendly home for your family? For starters, you’ll be helping to save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, saving a bundle on your energy bills, and creating a safe and happy home for your family, as well as enabling you to become a part of the future of home ownership. On the flip side, creating and building your own property can be incredibly stressful, forcing you to overcome planning issues, logistical nightmares, and architectural errors along the way. In addition, the task of building a house, especially to such exact specifications, can be hugely costly. If you’re still up for the challenge, though, read on.

Planning and building an eco-friendly house

Eco-friendly homes are incredibly fashionable at the moment, and inspiration can be found everywhere. Take a look at the types of building material being used in properties around you; insulated materials, specialist glazing and steel are all commonly used, and you’ll notice large windows to make the most of natural light, as well as solar panels to harness the sun’s rays. Furnishing your home needn’t be an end to the eco-friendliness of your new pad; upcycled, or vintage, furniture, items made from recycled goods, and those sourced responsibly, will make your new house a home.

It’s essential to entrust the building of your home to a firm that understands just how important every detail is to you, as well as a company that is able to source environmentally responsible items. Certified experts such as M1 Building Group are assets to any eco-friendly build. The company, which is owned by Middle Eastern investment holdings firm M1 Group, has recently introduced eco-friendly design into its real estate builds worldwide. If you’ve never considered what may be involved in building your own eco house, M1 Group’s expertise will be invaluable.

Building an eco-friendly home for your family may be one of the most rewarding projects you ever undertake; how else will you ensure that your house is everything that your family needs, as well as helping to save the environment?