A Guide to Setting Up an Impressive Guest Room

A Guide to Setting Up an Impressive Guest Room

April 22, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

If you’ve got a spare room in your home, and you’re thinking of setting up a guest room; look no further than this post. This post will guide you through setting up an impressive guest room, so you can wow your guests time and time again with your wonderful style and hosting skills. Let’s take a look at the kinds of things that’ll make your guests feel at home:

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Go Neutral

A neutral coloured room will please any guest you have stay over in your guest bedroom. Different colours can actually alter the mood of a room, so bear that in mind when decorating it. For example, red can sometimes signify anger, while blue can give a feeling of calmness. There’s nothing to say that you can’t paint the room bright pink, but if one of your husband’s friends stay over they might not have the best time relaxing. You’re making a safe bet when you choose creams, whites, beiges, and browns.

Try Different Textures and Styles

To make the room look a bit more interesting, you can try mixing different styles of furniture and textures. Textures in any room give a feel of luxury, especially if they make you want to stroke them as you see them. Different styles of furniture give a nice homely feel, rather than making everything match.

Reading Material

It’s nice to leave your guests some kind of reading material to enjoy. You could leave out a few of your favourite books, or even some magazines. You could perhaps even have a bookshelf filled with all of your favourite books, doubling the room up as a library.

Drinks and Snacks

If you want some bonus hosting points from your guest, you could have a stocked up mini fridge in the room. Things like fruit, water, and nuts would make sure your guest is always hydrated and full.

Games Consoles

Why not double up the guest room as a games room and have an Xbox or Playstation in there, along with a big TV?


Plants give any area a bit of life, so even if you choose fake plants because they’re less maintenance, your guest is sure to love the look they give the room. Whether you go for a big leafy plant or a small flowery plant, the room will look lovely.


A few pieces of cool art arranged on the wall will give the room a unique feel. You could go for one big interesting piece, or perhaps group pieces of different sizes together. You can even create a kind of ‘headboard’ using art on the wall behind the bed!

Sleeping Arrangements

Sofa beds are great because they can be a comfy sofa one minute and a cosy bed the next. Your guest can choose whether they’d like to curl up on the sofa and read a good book, or relax in bed watching the TV with their complimentary fruit and water.

Follow the tips on this list to create your very own impressive guest room that just about any guest will love!