Take Time for Yourself and Relax: 6 Ideas

Take Time for Yourself and Relax: 6 Ideas

July 5, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Taking time for ourselves to relax is so important in this day and age. With the hectic lives that the majority of us lead, de-stressing by doing the things we enjoy most can be a great help. We’ll enjoy more endorphins as a result, less stress, and a greater feeling of well being. Here are 6 ideas for you to try if you don’t know where to start:

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1. Give Yourself a Facial

If you can’t afford to go to the salon and have a facial done professionally, you can always give yourself one at home. It’s really easy; just cleanse, exfoliate, apply your mask, relax for however long you like, then remove your mask, tone and moisturise. Make sure you use products suited to your skin type in order for it to work well. If you don’t know your skin type, ask for advice at a beauty counter.

2. Have a Massage

Massages are so relaxing and have many other benefits too. Try to get your partner to give you a massage and promise them one in return. If you haven’t got anybody to give you a massage, you could always visit a salon every so often and have one done by a professional. Although it might seem expensive, the benefits will be worth it!

3. Read Your Favourite Book

Reading allows us to relax, and in some cases almost enter a different world. Why not grab your favourite book, or a book you’ve always wanted to read and settle down? Audio books are also an option, so you can simply listen to a book. Top fantasy audio books can be found online, along with other genres to suit all tastes.

4. Have a Hot Bath With Candles

A nice hot bath, decorated with scented candles can help to relieve tension from your whole body and help you to sleep better at night. You could even use essential oils in the bath water, bath salts, and bath bombs. My nan likes to take her books in the bath, but this leaves them all crinkled. Where’s a waterproof Kindle when you need one?

5. Spend Time on Your Favourite Hobby

Think about what you love to do most, and allocate yourself some time each day or week to do it. Whether you love gardening, walking, making jewellery, writing, or cooking, it’s important you spend time doing what you love best. This will help you to feel more positive about life in general!

6. Meditate

Meditating might seem like ‘doing nothing’, but it can help you to totally de-stress and clear your mind. You need to find a quiet place and comfortable position where you can just relax and reflect over all of the positive things in your life. You can even play some relaxing music in the background!

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What do you think of these 6 relaxation ideas? Have they worked for you? If so, leave a comment. Maybe you have your own special way of relaxing – let us know about that too! Thanks for reading, and have fun de-stressing.