6 Tips on Cleaning the House with Ease

6 Tips on Cleaning the House with Ease

March 21, 2014 0 By Jane

Cleaning the whole house is more frequently stressful than fun. Especially if he or she is working without the right strategy, it would probably be more tiring and stressful than any other work. Below are some tips on how to clean the house with ease and stress free.

1. Work with a plan.

Just like in doing other things, a plan is needed in cleaning the house. Make a checklist on what part of the housed need to be cleaned. Make also a time table as to what is to be cleaned first and how much time is to be spent on that particular part. Prepare also all the needed materials in cleaning like, soap, detergent, and other materials. In making a plan, it is important to know which part of the house is dirtiest. Although commonly, the kitchen is the part of the house that would take the longest time to clean, houses differ because of several factors. Making a plan would help a lot. It can save time and helps in making the work systematic.

2. Work from top to bottom.

When cleaning the whole house, always start from the top most part going down. This strategy makes the work systematic. The dirt from the upper part like the ceiling falls down the floor and gets picked up last. This is one way of saving time and energy in cleaning.

3. Use materials that would lighten the weight of the chore.

In choosing materials to be used, consider the performance of the material or equipment to be used. For example in choosing soap, detergents, or disinfectant, choose the one that would make the work lighter rather than harder and slower. In cleaning the floor, use a vacuum cleaner like the Shark Sonic Duo instead of brooms and rags.

4. Throw away the junks

In cleaning the house make sure that the unnecessary materials are well disposed. Check the cabinets and other containers for things that are no longer useful. Keeping useless materials in the house just adds burden when cleaning. Throwing away this stuff will help one save space, and save time for future cleaning.

5. Work from room to room

Before cleaning the house, make sure to check every room of the house and identify the dirtiest part. It is always better to cleanthe dirtiest room first. Don’t jump from room to room leaving one room unfinished. Work also from corner to corner. Make sure the room is totally clean before going to start cleaning another room.

6. Work with happy thoughts!

All chores become easy when done with happy thoughts. Working with a lively music playing in the background helps one to feel good while doing the job. Someone can clean the sink while singing or dance while vacuuming the floor. Cleaning the house with happy thoughts can surely be stress free and fun!

With these 6 tips on cleaning the house with ease, anyone can make their homes shine! It is good to put in mind that a clean house promotes peaceful and happy living.