The Most Effective Ways to Kill Fleas Wherever They May Be

The Most Effective Ways to Kill Fleas Wherever They May Be

March 24, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Getting rid of pesky fleas can be very hard if you don’t follow a specific removal procedure. Cats and dogs are a common target for fleas, however; humans can also be at risk from the itchy little critters! Fleas should be targeted on all of your pets, in the home, and even in the garden in order to get rid of them properly. Fleas can make pets and owners miserable, especially if it gets to a point where their eggs have been spread all over the house. Here’s how to go about killing fleas in the most effective way wherever they may be:

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Getting Rid of Fleas on Cats and Dogs

Start off by treating your pets with a finely spaced comb. This shouldn’t be used as a treatment alone, however; it’s a good start. Every Time you brush through your pet’s fur, dip the comb in a bucket of hot water mixed with washing up liquid. Continue until you’ve done your pet’s whole coat. You should then try some spot on flea treatment, and maybe even a flea dip. This process needs to be ongoing for some weeks until you’re sure the fleas have gone, as they can continue to hatch after treatment. Take a look here for more pet flea problems.

Getting Rid of Fleas on Kittens

If you have a kitten under 12 weeks of age, you need to take extra care. You’re better off using more natural methods, as these will be less harmful to your kitten. If your kitten’s outbreak is quite severe, use a flea dip. Use a flea shampoo too, but avoid tea tree oil as this is toxic to cats!

Killing Fleas on Bedding

You also need to concentrate on killing fleas on your pet’s bedding if you’re going to take the time to remove fleas from them, otherwise your efforts will have been for nothing. Throw all of your pet’s items in the washing machine, and throw out anything that could have flea eggs on it that you can’t wash.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Your House and On Your Carpets

Get a good hoover if you haven’t got one already, like a water based Dyson. Thoroughly hoover everything you can to remove as many flea eggs as possible, and keep your pets out of the house for the time being. Throw the hoover bag away afterwards to prevent an outbreak.

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Killing Fleas in Your Garden

Prune and trim your garden foliage, and then use sulphur granules in your garden to make all pests swiftly up sticks and move.

Protecting Yourself from Fleas

Try to minimise contact with your pets until you’re sure they are gone. Wash your hair regularly, and wear clothing that covers you up to avoid flea bites.

You need to be consistent when it comes to getting rid of fleas on your pets and in your home, so don’t give up and remain vigilant!