Expect The Extraordinary From Cirque Du Soleil At The o2 Arena

Expect The Extraordinary From Cirque Du Soleil At The o2 Arena

March 13, 2014 0 By Jane

Without a doubt, Cirque De Soleil is probably one of the most popular and highly praised contemporary circus groups in the world.The Canadian-based entertainment company has proudly described itself as being a “dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment”.  It was founded in 1984 by 2 former street performers Gilles Ste-Croix and Guy Laliberte and is located in the inner-city area of Montreal, Quebec known as Baie-Saint Paul.

In a very deliberate move, the company has created shows that lack performing animals and instead rely upon a more character-driven and theatrical approach helped define their shows as contemporary circus.  This is still very much the case today.  Each and every Cirque Du Soleil show is a synthesis and amalgam of circus styles from all over the world.  There is always a central story and theme that holds everything together, with live music.  Even the more mundane parts of this type of show are enlivened by Cirque Du Soleil performers changing and removing props during the show, rather than stagehands.  This helps each show to be a completely immersive experience for the audience.

In 2014 Cirque Du Soleil is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of one of its most-loved shows – Dralion with a huge tour, including stops in the UK.  Dralion takes its inspiration from the never-ending goal of harmony between nature and humans and draws heavily from Eastern philosophy pertaining to this constant quest.  It combines Cirque’s multidisciplinary approach with 3000 year old traditional Chinese acrobatics for a truly mind-blowing show.

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In the show, the four main elements that govern the natural order of things on the planet take human form.  Each of these elements in human form is represented by an appropriate colour.  Earth is ochre, fire is red, water is green and air is blue.  Without giving too much away about how everything turns out, you can expect a truly spectacular display of choreography, acrobatic skill and a storyline that sees cultures blending, Nature and Man becoming one and balance being restored to the world.

You can expect to experience a heady mix of live music and singing; contemporary dance, beautifully crafted costumes and all manner of acrobatic skills such as: single hand balancing, tricks involving bamboo poles, juggling, trampoline acrobatics, hoop diving and skipping rope stunts that you won’t believe and so much more.  If you live in London, then there is surely only one place you will want to see the action taking place.

Additionally, if you are used to seeing performances by Cirque Du Soleil on televised events such as the Royal Variety Performance or have seen the company’s motion picture, seeing it in the flesh is a whole different experience.  To avoid disappointment, you need to consider buying Cirque Du Soleil o2 tickets.  It is the 4th time that the group has taken a show to the o2 Arena and each and every time the tickets have sold out and there have been rave reviews in the press.