10 Simple Steps: Planning A Family Picnic

10 Simple Steps: Planning A Family Picnic

May 27, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby


Summer is on its way, and what’s better than kicking off the summery months with a family picnic? It can be entertaining and a great way to kill off boredom, and it also helps the family bond in the great outdoors.

The great thing is, it doesn’t take more than a picnic basket, a few different types of food, and a little help from the family to organise your own outdoor feast.

So here are 10 simple steps!

10. Make Sure The Day Is Free In Everyone’s Calendar. Picnic season is obviously more popular in the summer months because there’s a better chance of nice weather, there’s time off from the daily 9 to 5 grind and the kids are back from university. Make sure nobody has to dash off early from the picnic, make a day out of it!

9. Location. Choosing the right place to sit down and eat is always the toughest task. You want somewhere quiet but with a nice view, and far from any pesky wasp nests. Ask around the family for their view, or search online for any great locations in your area.

8. Create Invitations. If you’re going for a family AND friends picnic, why not design some lovely invites, to make it that little more special? Clarify the time, date and location for the guests, and try make it creative and fun.

7. Bring A Picnic Basket. Picnic baskets are a nice little centerpiece to the picnic blankets. Fill it up with tasty treats for the family to enjoy!

6. Treat Yourself. How often do you get to have a picnic? Not often is what most would say. So, why not be a little naughty and pack everybody’s favourite treats? Cookies, crisps, cakes and fruit will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces. For a real personal touch, why not bake the cookies and cakes yourself? Not only will you be a great picnic organiser, you’ll also be a master baker.

5. Fun And Games. Before the food, organise a fun and energetic activity for everyone to take part in. Bring a football for the lads, and perhaps some badminton rackets or a frisbee for the girls. It’s a great way to work up an appetite and get that metabolism going before the feast!

4. Bring Seating. A lot of ideal picnic areas, unfortunately, don’t have tables to sit at. That can be a real problem if you’re inviting the grandparents. Bring some cosy camping chairs and stools for those who don’t want to sit on the grass! Also pack an umbrella and maybe a windshield, just in case you experience any typical British weather.

3. First Aid. The chances are the kids will go off exploring or get a little rough playing football. Make sure you pack a first aid kit with plasters, bite cream, hand sanitizer and an extra blanket. Oh, and if there’s any water nearby, pack a towel and some spare clothes.

2. Plates And Cutlery. Nobody wants to eat with their hands, especially outside. Pack some good quality card places and plastic knives, forks and spoons. Don’t forget to tie up a bin bag for the rubbish!

1. Enjoy! It’s all about having a great time with your loved ones. So take part in the activities, enjoy the weather – but more importantly, enjoy the food!