Collectible Birthday Present Ideas For All The Family

Collectible Birthday Present Ideas For All The Family

May 27, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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It can be difficult to know what to get your family members for their birthday. Some of them will already seem to have everything they need and others will just be impossible to buy for. Considering this, I thought this morning might be a good time to write and release a short post giving you some great ideas. Opting to purchase collectibles is always a wise move, as the recipient will be more inclined to look after the items and keep them for a long time. Even so, it’s often choosing which collectables are most suitable that people struggle with. So, if you’re not too sure what you should purchase for your family this summer, just give me your full attention and read on…

Ideas for your husband

Some men love buying tools and performing basic DIY tasks around the home, but others are less inclined to do the same. However, all men like collecting tools for that one day when they find the motivation and decide it’s time to build a doll’s house or something similar. So, opting to add to your man’s collection by buying him some new tools this year could be perfect.

Ideas for your daughter

Porcelain dolls have been popular for hundreds of years, and so it’s pretty safe to assume your daughter would love one for her birthday. If she likes it, you can add to her collection each and every year, resulting in something truly amazing that she can be proud of. Princess dolls are selling well at the moment, so make sure you don’t overlook those on your travels.

Ideas for your son

Boys love collecting action figures, and so looking on eBay or another reputable online auction website for vintage models might be a good idea. Sure, he probably shouldn’t take the figures out of their original packaging, and he’s going to need some kind of display cabinet, but your husband should be in a position to build this using all his new tools.

Ideas for your parents

If you have children of your own, the chances are your parents will be nearing the twilight of their lives. This is good news for you, as buying presents should become easier and easier. You see, during the later years of our lives, most people tend to become a little nostalgic, and so finding collectable items from the past is a great way of making them happy. Perhaps they love the Beatles, or maybe they love a certain old film? Either way, you should be able to get signed albums or movie posters online without too much hassle, and that’s guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Now you know about some cool collectable birthday present ideas for all the family, I hope you’ll be more inclined to think outside the box and avoid purchasing those terribly packaged cheap body sprays again. At the end of the day, when I get something like that as a present, there’s a part of me that wonders whether the giver is trying to hint that I smell.

I hope that helps!