Why A Night Off From The Children Is A Good Idea

Why A Night Off From The Children Is A Good Idea

October 13, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Parenting is an amazing thing. We all love our children. They fill our lives with their excited chatter, their funny ways and their amazing personalities. However, there is no denying that at times, being a parent can be a hard job. There is always something to think about and always something that needs doing. Some days, parenting can take up every minute of every day and, before you know it, it is time to go to bed and you realise that you haven’t had any time to or for yourself all day.

For all of the positives that being a parent can bring, there are stresses too. Early mornings, endless bedtimes, car journeys, supermarket shopping, mealtimes, and getting children dressed all feature in the list of daily stresses that parents face. It can often seem like you have done a full day’s work before the 9am in the morning.

All parents deserve a break. So why not take one? One night off every now and then can be all it takes to refresh the batteries and remind yourself that you are not just someone’s mum or dad. Whether it is a night out with some friends, a date night with your partner, a night at the theatre or cinema, or just a meal out somewhere, it is a night for you to do something that you enjoy and to connect with other adults again.

Why not make it a regular event? If you regularly come into contact with other mums at a group, nursery or school, chat to them about the possibility of a regular mum’s night where you could all take it in turns to organise a night out. There will always be a group who would be so glad of the chance to go out with other parents and even if it was a monthly or half termly event, it would be something to looks forward to.

If you have close friends that you don’t usually have time to see, make time. Go for a drink in the local pub. Grab something to eat in a restaurant. Find something that allows you to sit and chat as a good gossip and a catch up can work wonders.

If you would prefer to spend the evening with your partner, find a babysitter and treat yourselves to a ‘date night’ where you can have an evening without any distractions from the children. Many couples enjoy this time to reconnect and relax and enjoy each others company and it can really improve your relationship.

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Whatever you decide, the main rule is not to worry about the children children.  This is a time for you and you know that they will be fine and well looked after.  Don’t spend that time checking your watch and your phone as that really does defeat the object of having some time away.  Whoever is looking after them would let you know if there was a problem. Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy your me time. You have certainly earned it.