Which Pushchair is Right for You?

Which Pushchair is Right for You?

August 31, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Selecting a pushchair for your baby isn’t as easy as finding one you like the look of and handing over your cash. In fact, a considerable amount of thought should go into picking the perfect pushchair, so that you and your baby can have many an enjoyable and safe outing. Here’s how to make this difficult decision:

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Different Kinds of Pushchair

There are lots of different kinds of pushchair to choose from. You must choose the one that best suits your lifestyle so that your outings are as great as they possibly can be. Here are a few you can expect to see in stores:

  • The stroller – It’s lightweight and large, not always suitable straight from birth though. Suspension and padding should be included, but double check with the manufacturer. A manufacturer like Bugaboo should be able to answer any questions you have.
  • The Upright Pram – this is comfy for your baby and the older generation love it. However, babies that are 3 months or older like to have a look around, so this may not be suitable after that time.
  • The Three Wheeler – this is perfect for steering using one hand, and great for living near the country or a beach. Just don’t expect it to fit in the boot of a car when folded!
  • The Travel System – this is where you get a pushchair, pram, and car seat in one. Make sure that it’s portable and not too heavy.
  • The Two in One – you can sit your baby upright or lie them flat with this. You can have your child facing you with some models.

Extras to Get With your Pushchair

All pushchairs won’t come with the same bits and bobs – you may need to purchase extras to ensure that you’re well prepared for the weather and other situations. Hoods, raincovers, and things to keep your baby warm are all essential. If you plan on buying an expensive pushchair, don’t be surprised if the extras are as expensive.

What to Think About

You must think about your own specific needs and lifestyle before you settle on a pushchair. Something that works perfectly for your best friend might not be so suited to you. The weight and portability of a pushchair is very important if you must go up or down stairs to get to your home. This is also true if you use regular public transport. If you drive, you’ll need to make sure the pushchair fits in the boot. If you plan on shopping a lot with your baby in tow, you should also make sure that the pushchair is capable of supporting your bags.

The Importance of Home Improvements

New babies should be lying on their backs for 3 months at least. This should be until they can properly support their own head. It could be up to 6 months. They probably won’t like sitting straight up afterwards though, so make sure you can get the seat into a variety of positions.

Use this information to narrow down the pushchairs that could be suitable for you and your baby. It’s a long, grueling process, but it’ll be worth it!