8 Tips for Buying a Static Caravan

8 Tips for Buying a Static Caravan

September 1, 2014 0 By Jane

If you are looking for something a bit different and for a way to save money on family holidays, you may be considering alternatives to travelling abroad.  One great alternative could be to purchase a static caravan in a nice seaside or otherwise idyllic location on home soil.  There are some things you should keep in mind though and in the following post we will help you by outlining 8 tips for buying a static caravan, like those available from Park Resorts.

Check Your Finances

Before you start looking at caravans it’s a wise idea to look at your financial situation and work out a budget to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew on the money side of things.

Factor In the Annual Running Costs

As well as the initial cost for the actual caravan, you need to also factor into your calculations the various running costs that come with buying a static caravan in a holiday park such as insurance, utilities, management and pitch fees.

Compare and Contrast Different Caravan Styles

As well as there being many different sizes of caravans available, there are also many different layouts and interior styles.  Look at a wide selection of the different options out there and think about the one that matches your needs and wants most.

Check Out the Location

Once you have done a bit of research and found a shortlist of caravans and parks you are interested in, it is sensible to arrange an appointment to go and check the place out in the flesh.  If possible, book a stay at those pars to get a proper feel for the area, the caravan and the park itself.

Consider the Travelling Distance

As well as the location itself, you need to consider before setting your heart on a place, how far you would be willing to travel to get your holiday home.  If you are planning on lots of mini, weekend breaks, it might be good to find somewhere closer to home.

Remember the Reason Why You Are Buying

Caravans depreciate over time and should not be looked upon as long term investments.  Therefore, it is a good idea to have a good think about how long you would like to use it for and remember that it is not your full time residence and just a fun, getaway destination.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

Before you sign on the dotted line on a caravan, be sure to read through the park’s terms and conditions very carefully.  Make sure you understand any discounts you are entitled to, whether you can sublet or not, their rules about pets and if you get any free passes to the sites entertainment.

Reselling Considerations

At some point you may decide to resell or move your static caravan somewhere else, and before that eventuality it is important to understand the park’s rules and any commission or charges they might ask for.

Although the above tips may make it sound like a more stressful process that you first anticipated – it is much better to be safe and secure than sorry further down the line.

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