Ways for Refurnishing Old Furniture

Ways for Refurnishing Old Furniture

August 27, 2014 0 By Jane

With time gone, the furniture chosen by us elaborately is stained, scratched, cracked and deformed. It is really unpleasant to see this. It is pity to throw them and expensive to shopping new furniture. If the furniture is still solid, you can refurbish it. You not only can save much expense, but also can give your home a new look.

Painting the furniture again

Paint the old furniture without change its structure is the first way come into people’s mind when the furniture has been used for a long period, especially for wooden furniture. People may feel boring for the texture of it. Painting is the best way to give fresh look to it. But not all the furniture is suit to paint. According to the suggestion of professional, there is a layer of melamine board that is difficult to peeling off on the surface of panel furniture, the adhesive force of painting will be poor when paint on it. Relatively wooden furniture is more suits to refurnishing by painting. Product with the same nature of the old furniture is more preferred when choose paint. This is for preventing the crimping of furniture caused by the chemical reaction of the old and new paint. Besides, when apply water-borne wood paint on the wooden furniture, it will lead to unstable when the wood absorb water content in the paint. What is worse, it will cause slightly bulge and deform. Oil paint is more stable compared with water-borne wood paint.

Furniture refurbished sticker

The popular furniture refurbished sticker is made of PVC plastic. It has many choices in color and pattern. It is a kind of broad-spectrum wallpaper used in home decoration. Convenient to apply and washable is the reason that many people choose it. After paste on the table, it will not curve on the edge. The refurbished sticker can be removed easily by heating with hair drier. People can change it whenever they want. Make sure that there will be no residual glue when peeling off it and the refurbished sticker will not fade. Some refurnished sticker has irritant smell, family with pregnant and children should avoid using it.

Great Reasons For Choosing Vinyl Flooring

Slipcover and cushion

Slipcover is the best choice for refurnishing old fabric sofa. It can change the look of sofa instantly with little budget. And there are many choices in material, color and pattern. It can be used repeatedly after washing. Wooden chair or sofa can be decorated with cushion to change its look and increase its comfort level. Many upholstered furniture brand provide custom-made service for slipcover. People can choose the material, color and pattern according to their preference. Many sewing store also provide the service of measuring furniture size and making slipcover. If you want to save money, you also can choose to DIY slipcover. Choose the proper material size for the different parts of furniture when making slipcover. Large is better than small. So reserve more fabric in case of improper tailor. It is much easier to deal with larger slipcover than smaller one. Pay attention to the symmetry of fabric with flower and grid.

Adding Decorative Items

You can also add some decorative items to refurnish your old furniture. This could include changing up the hardware on cabinets or chairs, adding knobs, handles, or pulls for an updated look. You may even want to consider adding additional detailing such as carvings and moulding to furniture pieces that lack any sort of unique appeal. Additionally, you can update woodwork with metallic accents like chrome drawer pulls and brushed nickel hinges if desired.

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing is a great way to bring life back into outdated wood furniture while maintaining its original character and charm. When refinishing wooden furniture there are a few steps you should take in order to ensure the best results; sanding down the surface of the piece until it is smooth and free from blemishes, applying primer so that paint sticks more easily, then painting the item in whatever color best suits your needs. After this process has been completed you will be left with newly refreshed furniture that looks good as new!