20 decorating tips to make you home look great with each changing season

20 decorating tips to make you home look great with each changing season

October 3, 2016 Off By admin
It’s hard to decorate on a budget, as many homeowners worry about spending money on a wreath or wall art that’s only on display for a few months out of the year. Some people give up on seasonal decor, but others seem to embrace it. What secrets does this second group know that the first doesn’t? We dug in to find out.

The secret to amazing seasonal decor is finding pieces that can work year-round with a few changes. For example, LEDs through Christmas Lights, Etc can be adjusted to create a cozy glow during the holiday season, and then offer a warm welcome to guests during the summer. The lighting stays up during the year, but the ambiance changes and sets the scene for your decor.

Along these lines, taking steps like moving your furniture around to create an open floor plan, and adding accent items like pillows or centerpieces are easy ways to transform your home for the season. It’s even better that these items are relatively inexpensive and easy to store when they’re not in use. While you should never underestimate the power of light, take advantage of the power of smell to set the mood in a room. Walking into a space with a wonderful holiday smell created by a candle is the best way to get into the mood for the season.

These are just a few ways to revolutionize your room for the year. Keep reading to learn more than 20 decorating tips to use as the seasons change.

Paint your dream

Painting is the most inexpensive and quickest way to change your world in no time. The dramatic change caused by painting has huge impact on your room as it shines and changes your mood. Even a few inexpensive furnishing look great when you have the right backdrop.

Choose a theme

Find the right theme for each room regardless of whether you come across some ideas in interior magazines or if you have some color scheme in mind. It’s certainly the beginning of your interior plan. The internet will show you through a few DIY options.

Shake things up

Check out few awkward room arrangements online. A few surprising arrangements can do wonders as you move things within and outside your rooms.

Draw the spotlight on your home

Your homes are bound to look a prettier, bigger and brighter when the light gets reflected via mirrors. A few online tutorials might guide you in this regard.

Take a few snaps

Take a few shots and include them in photo frames if you aren’t able to buy expensive larger pieces of art work or if your wall has more pace to be filled out. Form a large group by hanging them in your walls.

Add more of greenery

Achieve a sense of style and life by including a few live houseplants to a room. It helps add more greenery to your room and proves quite inexpensive too. Even the roots are an object of attraction, so you must choose a vessel that looks clear and pretty.

Decorate with plates

Hang various wall art pieces and plates in your bedroom, living room and kitchen. A certain color palette that matches your room can help it get brighter and look bigger. All you need to make sure is that the decorative plates match the texture of your walls and exceed your expectations.

Include attractive fabric

Your slipcovers and curtains will acquire a simple but attractive look with flat sheets. You’ll find a few DIY methods of creating placemats that reflect joyous patterns and live colors.

Use your personal items

You’ll find so many items in your closet that can be rearranged to improve the look of your rooms. You might need to add some decoration and view things with a creative perspective.

Try an act of disguise

Put things in disguise if you can’t replace them. Hide an unpleasant view with a touch of fabric and cover the stained carpet with a rug.

Hunt for the treasure

Gather attractive candles, crystal show pieces and picture frames by visiting the dollar shop in your locality. Your décor can be matched with painted furniture and fabric collected from quilts.

Make things shine!

You might be wondering how to magnify the appearance of your rooms. By cleaning the surfaces and windows, make them sparkle as if they’re new! It makes your rooms look more spacious.

Bathing options

Utilize throw rugs, shower curtains, window treatments and towel edging that make your bathroom look well coordinated and softened. The fabric must live up to your sewing skills.


Treat your windows and bedding with solid colors. Your style and mood can experience a swing when the accessories are replaced with time.

Kitchen makeover

Your kitchen counters, knobs, floors and cabinets can be transformed entirely with the help of paints. Things can last for long when you utilize quality sealer and primer. Compare the older photos to know the difference.

Add a sense of style

Your valuables and possessions are often meaningless when you can’t use them effectively. You must know how your bookshelves can be styled. Apart from being inexpensive, it can be fast, simple pretty.

Family tree

Make the most of your black frames by arranging group pictures in gallery style. Hang photos of your loved ones close to each other as if they’re forming a group. Ensure a variation in sizes to make things look more attractive.

Welcome entry

Make sure that the gateway to your home yields that welcoming comfort for visitors. You may choose to place a cozy chair, a chest or some other furniture that goes one well with your entrance.

Alternatives to sewing

In case you aren’t aware of sewing, visit a local craft store for picking an iron on hem tape. Use your iron for creating a rod pocket!

Get personal!

Your rooms are bound to look livelier and feel more interesting when you include some vacation discoveries and picture within a frame and place your personal items all around.