Top Tips for Renters

Top Tips for Renters

August 6, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Many people these days are choosing to rent over buying a house. While this may seem silly to some, in a lot of cases, renting a house is a better option. However, sometimes renting can be very expensive. To help you rent out a property the safe way and as cheaply as possible, read these top tips for renters:

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Get Contents Cover

Your landlord is responsible for building’s insurance so you don’t need to worry about that. However, you do need to get contents cover to protect your stuff that would fall over if you had an earthquake, for example. There are many different policies available to you, depending on your circumstances and who you’re living with.

Protect Your Deposit

Many renters don’t know if their deposit is protected or not. It’s important that you know where your deposit is, as it’s supposed to be in a government protection scheme. This will ensure that it is returned to you providing you stuck to the terms of your agreement.

Get Your Furniture for Free

Furnishing a rented property can sometimes be just as expensive as buying a house. However, there are ways you can furnish your property with quality items for free! That’s right; you could have a fully furnished property for nothing. How? With sites like Freecycle. Of course you get the odd thing that probably isn’t worth 2 pennies, but you’ll find loads of cool stuff on there that just doesn’t get used anymore.

Get the Most Interest on Your Deposit

If you’re renting while you save for a deposit on a mortgage, make sure you get the most interest on your deposit. Use a high paying NISA to keep the first £15,000, and then use a top savings account to save the rest.

Ask For Permission to Decorate

How annoying would it be to spend ages decorating, only to have to put it back to the way it was when you rented it before you move out? Well, if you don’t get permission from your landlord first, that’s what you might have to do. Make sure you and your landlord are both clear on what you can do to the house.

Use Flaws to Haggle

Ask whether the landlord is open to reasonable offers, and then put in a lower offer you think is reasonable. Of course they may not accept, but it’s worth asking. You stand a better chance of getting the price you want if you note down any flaws. Even if you don’t get the price you asked for, you might be able to get a fresh coat of paint applied for you before you move in!

Don’t Sign a Contract You Aren’t Happy With

Never sign a contract you aren’t happy with. You need to read what you’re signing properly; don’t just assume that it’s a standard contract. You might end up signing up to having to do something you don’t want to do, e.g. giving the shower a deep clean with vinegar every week. This estate agents in Hamilton may be able to assist you with contracts if you’re unsure.

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