The Benefits Of Living In A Bungalow With A Young Family

The Benefits Of Living In A Bungalow With A Young Family

August 2, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Loren Javier

I think bungalows have got a bad rep.’ People think of them as places where old people move to live out their final days. While there is some truth in that, bungalows have much more to offer. There are many reasons they are in such demand and command high prices, not least because they are in short supply compared to the rest of the national housing stock.

If you have a young family and are considering a house move, why not think about a bungalow as a place to settle for the foreseeable future. Here are some reasons I think you will be glad you did.


They tend to cover a much bigger area than their two-story counterparts with the same number of rooms. The bedrooms are on the ground with the living rooms, so the building seems more spacious even though the floor area might be the same. The best bungalows that you might find in the estate agents in Peterborough and Cambridge probably come with extensive gardens too. The garden can never be too big.


I must state the obvious; there are no stairs in a bungalow! That means that you do not have to carry the kids up to bed when they fall asleep, and your housework chores are made easy. Thousands of children fall down the stairs every year too, but you can rest easy that your little monsters are safe from injury caused by that mishap. When children are young, we must fit gates at the bottom and top of the staircase. They are inconvenient when you are busy moving about the house doing jobs. I won’t be at all surprised if stair gate accidents are high among adults who trip on them.

Consider your elderly or disabled visitors too. You might see much more of them when there are no stairs blocking their way to the bathroom.


When you are upstairs at home, you may worry about intruders getting in downstairs. Now that you are on the ground floor you are more likely to hear them.

Home Improvements

Because there are no rooms above you, some home improvements are easy. Say you wanted to remodel your kitchen and move the appliances around. It is easy to run new plumbing and wiring through the loft space. In the house, you would need to lift the floorboards upstairs to hide the pipes and wires.


People die in fires every year when they find themselves trapped in a bedroom. They are unable to get out because of the flames licking up the building from below. Should the unthinkable ever happen in a bungalow, people will have a chance to escape the smoke and flames by climbing through the window.

Loft Conversion

Because bungalows take up more floor area than houses, the attic spaces are enormous. Should you decide that single storey life isn’t for you, a loft conversion could give you many extra rooms and the staircase you crave. If you have piled the pounds on since you moved in, you can now work them off just as you used to in your old home.

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Well, I hope you will give some consideration to bungalows. As you can see, they have much to offer the whole family. Oh, kids love them too!