Tips For Buying Cheap Designer Clothes

Tips For Buying Cheap Designer Clothes

April 7, 2014 0 By Jane

There can be no better feeling at times than when you look your very best and know that you saved money while achieving the “ultimate you” look.  In the past it was really rather hard to find any real bargains on the designer items you dreamed of owning and wearing.  However, a lot of things have changed in the last few years.  If you are sensible and know the kinds of places to look and shop, you will be able to find those stunning, designer clothes at affordable prices.  To help you, we have gathered together some of our favourite tips to help you.

New Clothes

A great place to find new and discounted designer clothing is online auction sites such as eBay.  Hundreds and thousands of clothing merchants from all over the world list designer clothes that are completely new at reduced prices.

Overstock retail stores are also a great place to look for bargains and can usually be found in local shopping malls.  A large number of clothing manufacturers and shops produce a larger number of items than they can sell in their high street stores, and they sell the excess stock to specialist department stores who then sell those items at greatly reduced prices.  By far the best designer discount retailers are Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory who sell designer lines throughout the year.

The best place to find cheap designer clothes however, is the outlet store.  However, it is important that you remain sensible and don’t be suckered in too much by bargains that may not actually be bargains.  Keep in mind that if there are items that are sold with a discount of 50% or 70%, the discount is on the RRP not the actual price.  RRP, or Recommended Retail Price, although you may think it sounds like it is, is not the actual price an item would sell for, but is actually the price the manufacturer or retailer thinks it is worth.  The difference between what an item is actually worth and the RRP is often mind-blowing.

Gently Used Clothes

If you want to save money, but are not particularly bothered about wearing someone else’s old clothes, you should consider taking a trip to your local charity or resale shops.  These stores have various hidden treasures that are often just bundled into a corner or hanging up, so a little bit of diligence is required to hunt them out.  It is worth remembering if you are a bit conscious about buying another person’s cast-offs that you can wash them or have them dry cleaned.  There have been instances where people have been able to buy extremely high quality designer clothes for as little as a couple of pounds.

Church charity fundraisers, car boot and jumble sales are also places you should check out for bargains.  Although the majority of items will undoubtedly be used, you could still find a great bargain if you look closely and carefully.