Things To Consider When Revamping Your Children’s Bedroom 

Things To Consider When Revamping Your Children’s Bedroom 

July 10, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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Every few years you may work your way around to the children’s bedroom for a decorating project. Bedrooms are great fun because unlike kitchens and bathrooms, you do not have to spend much time and money installing permanent furniture.

Because you love to see the look of delight on your children’s faces when you present them with something new, you want to get it right. Here are a few things to consider when revamping your children’s bedroom.


Kid’s toys and other things take up much space, and you must be able to stash them out of the way. Storage is one of the biggest issues in the room, especially when it is tiny. Luckily there are many solutions on the market for you to use. Think about using a large bookcase that has square pigeon holes in it. The manufacturers make square boxes that fit into those holes, and they are ideal for keeping things separate and organised. Use plastic boxes under the bed. There are products for that purpose. Utilise solutions that hang from the ceiling too, there are some great inventions out there.


Children need room to play so keep as much floor area free as possible. Use bunk beds; the best invention since sliced bread. Make the room feel more spacious by opening up the window area too. Remove the drapes and fit modern blinds instead. The curtains will block some light even when they are open, but a new roller or venetian blind will not block it at all.

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The little ones love to play on the floor, and they will often suffer carpet burns on their knees. Laminate floors are the answer to your problem. Rip up the old carpet and underlay. Measure the room to find the floor area in square metres and divide that number by how many there are in a pack. That will tell you the number of packs you need. Put some underlay down first to reduce some of the noises downstairs as the kids play. The boards click together; fitting them is easy. All you need is a saw to cut the last one of a row. Use the leftover piece to start the next row.


You should use bright colours in the room. Make a feature out of one wall with modern mural wallpaper. The image can be anything you wish, there are thousands from which to choose. You may have a picture of your own, or find the perfect image on the internet. Anything is possible these days. Paint the rest of the walls in a single colour so that in the evenings, the night light will cast interesting shadows on them and bring a calming effect to the room.

You will naturally take special care to work to a high standard in your child’s room because you want to do the best for them that you can. It is an enjoyable job to take on. Your reward comes in the form of the grin on their faces and the excitement they feel when they spend their first night in there. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. That’s all for today; good luck with your project.