Spring is in the air for home gardeners

Spring is in the air for home gardeners

February 23, 2015 Off By Jane

For those of a green-fingered disposition, spring is a joyful time of the year when gardens awaken from their winter slumber. But it’s also a busy time, with a list of chores that can seem endless. It’s time to repair fencing and trellises battered by winter gales, to clear away fallen leaves and branches and make an early pre-emptive strike on the numerous weeds that will already be sprouting up out of the ground. Trees have to be pruned, dead foliage stripped away to make room for new growth, flowerbeds treated to a fresh top layer of mulch or compost. For those with a vegetable patch, it’s time to lay down a first crop of peas, lettuce and cabbage. Seeds must be sown, bulbs planted and yet more weeds uprooted. But it’s all worthwhile as the days lengthen and the garden comes into its full glory.

With so much to do, spring is also a good time to invest in some new gardening kit. For anyone who is a passionate gardener, it makes sense to have a set of outdoor apparel that will help them enjoy their hobby in maximum comfort. The most obvious place to start is with a decent pair of gardening gloves. Too thin, and the gardener’s hands will be vulnerable to prickles and thorns. Too thick, and the gloves will be too clumsy for handling delicate seedlings. Engelbert Strauss Online Shop offer a range of work gloves that are made from supple calf and other premium materials for a strong, precise grip, and that have features such as a thermal lining, pads to protect against cuts and extra-long cuffs to keep out debris.

Enjoy Your Porch or Outdoor Areas

And gloves aren’t the only items on the website that a keen gardener might want to add to their spring wish list. When it comes to tackling trees and shrubs, lightweight, non-fogging safety glasses or goggles are essential for protecting the eyes from flying twigs or lashing branches. For steady, comfortable footing, it’s important to have waterproof, breathable work boots with a non-slip sole. Meanwhile, a pair of rugged outdoors trousers or dungarees with an array of loops and compartments for carrying tools and equipment will cut down on trips to the garden shed. Bodywarmers, knee protectors, disposable overalls – at engelbert strauss we have the functional yet stylish gear to ensure that this spring will be an enjoyable and productive time for gardening.

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