7 Wonderful Tips To Help You Plan A Romantic Meal For Two

7 Wonderful Tips To Help You Plan A Romantic Meal For Two

February 19, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

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Valentine’s Day might be over, but that doesn’t mean that the romance is. If you want to surprise your partner, there are many ways in which you can do so. I always find that cooking a romantic meal is an incredible way to show my partner how much I care. For one night only, you need to get a babysitter and focus on making the evening special for you and your spouse. Here are seven wonderful tips to help you create a romantic meal for two.

  1. Choose an easy-to-make recipe

When you are choosing a recipe for your meal, you need to keep things super simple. You want to show off your culinary skills, but attempting something complicated will only cause you stress. Instead, choose a recipe you know well. That way, cooking your meals will be second nature, rather than an extra thing to worry about on the night. You should plan three courses so that the meal is an event, rather than just a quick snack in the family dining room.

  1. Start prepping the day before you cook

The day before your meal, you should prep things. There are loads of things you can prepare to make cooking easy the next day. For example, you might want to start making the sauce for your pasta or start chopping up your vegetables. These small jobs will take you minutes in the kitchen but will make everything straightforward when you come to cook the meal.

  1. Pair wines with your courses

If you don’t know anything about wines, it is time to start doing some research. Different wines match different meals, and you should learn all about pairing before you serve your meal. For example, as a rule, white wine goes with fish or chicken dishes. Red wine tends to work with red meat. While these two rules are a start, you need to know about different flavors and scents.

  1. Create a dish you can share

There is nothing more romantic than sharing food with the person you love. For one of your courses, you should create a meal that the two of you can share and feed one another. For example, you might want to serve a cheese fondue as your starter. That way, the two of you can dip various things into the cheese and share the food. You could also create a platter of meat to share.

  1. Decorate the table

Don’t leave the table looking boring and blank. Instead, you need to create beautiful place settings for each of you. Start by covering the table surface with some luxury tablecloths. If you don’t happen to have any tablecloths at home, you can get some online at Richard Haworth Ltd. Next, you should use candles to create a centerpiece on the table. You should finish by laying the table with cutlery and dishes. It is these tiny details that will make all the difference to your meal.

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere

Before your partner arrives, you should create the right environment. You should, of course, dim the lights and light all the candles so that the mood is romantic. You might also want to put on some calming music in the background. Doing so will make the room feel like a haven away from the rest of the world.

  1. Plan some surprises

Sometimes, little surprises can mean a lot to your spouse. Think about different ways in which you can treat your partner throughout the meal. You might want to read a poem to them or give them a gift during dessert. If you plan these things in advance, you should have no problem at all. You need to remember that romance takes work sometimes. For one night, it is time to show your partner what they mean to you – so go get started!