Keeping A Daily Journal Improves Family Life

Keeping A Daily Journal Improves Family Life

July 25, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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Making the effort to keep a journal in later life could have more benefits than you realise. These benefits are huge, if you happen to have a family. Children thrive on stability and scheduling. You might neglect these two things within your own life, but doing so in your child’s life means that he or she could feel unstable.

Keeping a diary isn’t just for teenage girls. You may think a diary won’t fit your image that it will look tatty and silly. You are wrong. There are many stylish and sophisticated diaries for ladies  that will suit you perfectly, such as the Shinola journals.

Tracking your child’s progress is vital in their early life. Between the ages of three and ten your child will change so much; it might be hard to remember that they were mere babies not long ago. You might want to keep a diary as a keepsake for later life, when you want to look back on your child’s earlier years. Many mothers tend to live in the moment with their children, which is good. But you also need something to remember when your young ones leave home. Here are a few ways keeping a diary can improve your family life.

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1. A Diary Can Schedule Your Child’s Life

Do your children take part in many social activities? Do they always swim on Wednesdays and go to their friend’s house on Thursdays? Keeping track of your child’s social life, alongside your own can be a difficult

By noting down everything that you and your children do each day, you can keep track of how your child is progressing. You can also ensure that they don’t miss out on anything they have planned. Your child relies on you to schedule their life, so you need to keep on top of their schedule like you would your own.

The most important thing to a child when they are growing up is stability. Providing your child with a regular schedule that isn’t going to change will help them a great deal. Getting them into the mind-set of planning ahead for things, will mean that they are able to understand what they are doing daily.

2. You Can Write Down Important Memories

It is hard to imagine but in ten or fifteen years time your children are going to leave home. Whether they go away to university or move out and get a job, they will want to be independent. Children moving away is a hard thing for any parent. The thought of not having the whole family together can be upsetting.

If you begin to note down things that happen with you and your children now, you will have some wonderful memories to look back on. Many memories slip away from us or are just too fleeting to remember, by having a diary you can ensure that you never forget a single second. Old diaries and journals make fantastic gifts. You may want to give them to your child to look back on when they reach 18 or 21.

3. Writing Will Make You And Your Children Happier

Writing is a creative outlet. Keeping up this practice will allow you a great deal of emotional pleasure. When you write something down, you will feel happier and less stressed about doing the thing. You can get your child involved in diary writing as well and bond over the experience of scheduling and making memories. Writing is a skill your child will need in later life. If they start early, they can develop a passion for the craft of writing, which will be great for them in later life.