Invest in a Safe, Weather-Resistant Trampoline for your Backyard

Invest in a Safe, Weather-Resistant Trampoline for your Backyard

September 21, 2016 Off By admin

If you are looking to install a safe, fun, and weather-resistant trampoline for your kids to enjoy this summer, you should be aware that not all products out there are created equally. The traditional models you may remember playing on as a child put thousands of children in the hospital every year. You may even remember some of those injuries yourself, from slipping through nets and hitting the ground to landing on a thin foam mat between you and a hard metal frame.

One manufacturer today has developed a frame that is actually located beneath the jumping surface, using composite rods to support the trampoline. One of the most dangerous features of a traditional spring trampoline is the exposed metal ring that encircles the jumping surface. This frame can be the cause of serious injury if a jumper falls onto it head- or bottom-first. New outdoor equipment developed by the manufacturer Springfree Trampoline employs flexible materials to create a support structure that eliminates many common injuries. The hidden frame lies beneath the jumping surface and holds the canvas up from below so that there is no risk of collision. Remember, the best Springfree Trampoline is resistant to UV rays, weatherproof, and has been thoroughly tested and approved — as well as lauded by awards bodies around the world. Try looking for The US Family Choice Award, a sign of a safety-conscious product, before making a purchase.

This new design works by completely re-engineering the trampoline, eliminating the horizontal springs that support the jumping surface. These heavy, metal coils can easily become exposed by sliding mats and they are capable of pinching or crushing extremities. Besides completely eliminating these coils, this design is supplemented by SoftEdge mat that helps prevent jumpers from injuring themselves or others while they play. Their unique safety net, called the FlexiNet, is another feature that improves upon the safety of older trampoline designs. The FlexiNet guides jumpers to fall inwards instead of outwards, protecting them without any risk of falling through or toppling over. It completely surrounds the exterior of the trampoline and it is supported by a set of strong rods that bend outward on impact. The net captures wayward jumpers, preventing them from any injury and guides them safely back.

Trampolines are a fun addition to any backyard but don’t be surprised when the day comes that your child doesn’t seem quite as eager to go out and jump around as they used to. That’s where the tgoma game system comes in – a tablet-based game system which incorporates a variety of games that use the jumper’s movement (through sensory input technology) to play. The app offers games like Fruitant and Alien Stomp for children and teen players, and tgomaFit for teens and adults, although these are only three of many available games.

Thanks to Springfree’s truly inspired series of safer trampolines, you and your family can now enjoy those summer months without worrying about anyone getting hurt. Maybe you’ll even decide to sneak a few jumps in too when no one is looking; the FlexiNet stretches far enough to safely catch a full-grown adult. There’s no reason trampolines can’t be fun for parents too.