Trampolines Don’t Have To Be Dangerous

Trampolines Don’t Have To Be Dangerous

November 1, 2016 Off By admin

When the thought of a trampoline enters a parent’s mind, the onset of images like trips to the emergency room immediately turn them off from the idea of purchasing one for their family. They imagine children flying off of the sides and snapping their necks in the process. Parents think of toes and hands getting stuck in between the springs of the trampoline, which to their credit – are often a major cause for painful injuries.

However, trampolines don’t have to be dangerous – many new backyard trampoline developments are emerging, such as a net that has bounce to it, cushioning jumpers back to the mat, making the net more reliable for fall prevention. There are brands out there attempting to bury the springs to prevent injury, or looking for ways to remove springs completely.

If you’re looking for a safe trampoline alternative, consider Springfree Trampoline, where the solution is in the name itself. It uses flexible, composite rods instead of springs that are underneath the jumping surface, preventing users from ever touching the support system, and eliminating the chance of getting those little toes and fingers caught. Without any springs at all, this substantially reduces the risk of injury. The rods also help to support a flexible net (FlexiNet), which actively guides jumpers inwards to safety.

Furthermore, the frame of the Springfree trampoline is also situated beneath the jumping surface, no more bangs, bruises or sprains because users will never come into contact with the trampoline frame. This will further reduce the risk of injury, while the SoftEdge mat will make for a more comfortable and safer jumping experience, as it is highly shock absorbent.

What’s more is that this trampoline manufacturer has introduced what is known as the tgoma digital game system, bringing the latest in technology to the trampoline market — making it the world’s first smart trampoline.The games and apps available for installation are meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages, and offer a substantial health benefit because of the physical workout users will receive when playing. This latest technology brings a completely unique, outdoor digital game experience that will also help get kids to opt out of watching television and opt into playing interactive games on their outdoor trampoline. With games like “Whatzat?” – encouraging jumpers to create their own games — outdoor screen time can now kick-start the imaginations of children and adults. The tgoma digital game system also encourages families to enjoy some down time together by shooting for high scores with tgomaFit; spending time together while also getting a good workout.

Finally, these trampolines undergorigorous testing to ensure quality control, safety, and reliability. Springfreehas been the recipient of countless awards and accolades including the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the International Design Award, and the US Family Choice Award. With so many organizations approving of the design, this is an ideal item for even the hesitant parent to try out, and it is perfect for people of all ages. With so many quality and safety benefits added to this trampoline system, it’s no wonder that smart trampoline has become so popular.