4 Events You Can Successfully Host in a Gastro Pub

4 Events You Can Successfully Host in a Gastro Pub

September 23, 2016 Off By admin

First coined in 1991, the term ‘gastropub’ commonly referred to a pub and restaurant combo that specialised in a number of traditional British dishes – often served hot. More recently, Gastropubs are considered to be on the higher end of the scale than a simple restaurant with a bar, with many Gastropubs serving their own home cooking alongside a good selection of alcoholic beverages. Gastropubs are a great way of meeting together for a catch-up, a meal and a drink and have been used for a wide range of different events across the country.

Whether you prefer to drink on a night out or you like dinner and a drink, gastropubs provide a great atmosphere for all. Gastropubs also make a good alternative to a restaurant if you want to hire your local establishment for an evening. With many gastropubs taking reservations, we’ll take a look at four examples of events where you can hire out a gastropub.

  1. Corporate Dinner

From welcoming a new member of the team to celebrating a milestone within the business, or just as an annual gathering, businesses have corporate dinners for a wide range of reasons. While at the end of the day you are there to talk business, it is designed to create a more relaxed atmosphere where colleagues and employers can chat a little more openly. It is also a good way of getting to know your colleagues more and works efficiently as a team building exercise for smaller businesses.

In welcoming a new colleague, it is a good way of introducing a new member of the team into the business in an informal setting and also encourages discussion among older colleagues. Businesses that celebrate milestone achievements through corporate dinners will often choose a gastropub as their venue as there will normally be one close by and they take group reservations. It can be done in the evening or during the working day as a special treat for all employees.

  1. Wedding Hire

Why not hire out the whole gastropub as the venue for a wedding? With reasonably priced local food available on the menu and an established bar and lounge area, a gastropub is one of the best places to relax and catch up with friends after a wedding reception. Weddings can be stressful, particularly for the bride and groom as well as close friends, so being able to relax in a traditional and friendly setting is a must.

  1. Christmas Meal

Perhaps you don’t have the time to cook a full Christmas meal on your own this year, or perhaps this year is the time for you to be catching up with friends instead of spending time with the family. Whatever your personal reasons for making reservations for a Christmas meal, a gastropub is a great way of getting a good meal for a good price and with the promise of alcohol right alongside it.

  1. Quiz Night/Charity Night

Not every event has to be a formal dinner. Sometimes a charity night or a local club quiz night can be made that much more interesting by hosting it at a gastropub. People can pay a set amount for their meal with a certain percentage of the money going to a designated charity, or they can eat and drink while trying to answer quiz questions. It makes for a good fun evening with some cracking food to go with it.

Some gastropubs will have their own theme, but many cook and sell local produce and local specialities, making them ideal for any social gathering or event. Some gastropubs will also be able to provide a specific menu for guests with different dietary requirements or allergies, but it is important that you let the staff know beforehand. Not every pub has gluten free or lactose-free recipes available to hand, so always check before you make a reservation.

Article provided by Sara Bryant, an independent content writer working alongside a selection of companies including The William Bray, who were consulted over this post.