How to Add Luxury to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

How to Add Luxury to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

April 21, 2015 Off By Jane

Living the simple life is a great idea but we all yearn for a bit of luxury at some point. The good news is that there are some simple ways of adding some luxury to your home without spending as much as you think.

Which of the following affordable methods sounds best to you?

Get a Hot Tub

When I think about a luxury home I automatically picture a steaming hot tub in which to relax. This just seems like the perfect way to unwind in style after a tough day. It might seem like the kind of impossibly expensive luxury item that only millionaire actors and rock stars can enjoy but that isn’t true. There are now some incredible hot tubs on the market that don’t cost anywhere near what you might think. Inflatable portable hot tubs can be the perfect solution for those of us who want to live the good life but don’t want to pay out too much for it.

Install a Sauna Cabin

I had always wanted to try a sauna and the first time I did I was hooked. It is a great feeling to be in there with all that heat and steam. Taking a sauna regularly is also said to be an excellent way of losing weight and of staying healthy. I had always assumed that sauna cabins were wildly expensive pieces of equipment but it turns out that they aren’t.  One of these can add a real touch of style to your home without being too expensive to buy.  In the long run it is going to be cheaper than heading out to your local spa every time you want a sauna session, just as it would be cheaper to buy your own hot tub than use a rented one all the time.

Get an Orangery

Orangeries and greenhouses are relatively common where I live but that doesn’t stop me from seeing them as being incredibly classy additions to any house. Orangeries became common in the UK back in the 17th an 18th centuries. They were used on big, impressive house and proved ideal for growing oranges and other tropical plants. These days, a good orangery is expensive but is still within the reach of many of us. Just imagine sitting back in the warmth of your own greenhouse with a cool drink and something good to read. Dozing off in here sounds like it is by far the most stylish way to have a nap during the day.

Choose a Bigger Bed     

If you have never considered whether to get a bigger bed then maybe this is the time to do so. Moving up to a king sized or super king sized model will instantly give your bedroom a fabulous new look to it. It will also be a more comfortable place for you to sleep, especially if you share your bed with your partner. Go for the best bed and mattress you can afford and you won’t ever regret buying it.