How To Create The Perfect Bathroom For Your Family Home-based

How To Create The Perfect Bathroom For Your Family Home-based

April 22, 2015 Off By Jane

While most of us will be love to have a bathroom that is perfect in every way for the whole family, it can often feel out of our reach.  After all, if a bathroom is going to be perfect for all the members of your family, both the old and the young. There are certain things it needs to have.  Space is important, but this may not be possible.  The issue of space can be worked with if you ensure that there is accessible storage space.  Ideally a bathroom should have wipeable surfaces to help with cleaning and because it’s a wet room; and a bath.

In the following article you will find tips for creating a bathroom that will work well for the whole family.

Use Available Space Effectively

Usually, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and so you have to be very clever when it comes to the subject of storage.  Instead of looking at freestanding basins and pedestals, you should instead look at buying a large cupboard with space at the top for a basin and taps.  Multi-purpose designer bathroom furniture not only looks good but makes the most of the limited space available.  You can help this kind of cupboard to blend into the background by either getting it in the same colour scheme as your walls and the rest of the décor in the bathroom, or by painting it to match.


If you have young children you will know how much they enjoy splashing about in the basin and bath.  It is therefore a good idea to consider either tiling walls near the sink and bath  or the entire room.  Not only does this make it waterproof, it also gives you surfaces that are easy to wipe and wash clean and can help a simple bathroom to feel like a family bathroom.

Purchase A Stool

Children always have a good time in the kitchen, pottering around and especially imitating the actions of other, older family members.  If your children cannot reach the toilet or basin they will probably feel frustrated.  Purchase either a stool or a step and then everyone can have access to the areas of the bathroom that they need to, to help them how to do things for themselves.

Purchase An Economical Flushing System

Large families and those with young children, should always consider purchasing an environmentally friendly toilet.  Nowadays this is not something too difficult to obtain as the majority of toilets include a dual flush cistern that allow you to choose between a long or short flush.  As well as being kinder to the environment, it will also save you money from your water bill.

Purchase Taps For People With Little Fingers

The taps in your bathroom need to be easy to access and use for people of all ages, which means they have to be suitable for youngsters.  They should be easy to turn or switch on and off and be strong enough to handle a lot of use.  Mixer taps are obviously recommended as they will help avoid accidents that involve in little ones hand’s getting scolded.