Creative Ways of Arranging Nature-Inspired Homes

Creative Ways of Arranging Nature-Inspired Homes

July 2, 2015 Off By Jane

Creative Ways of Arranging Nature-Inspired Homes

The great outdoors is naturally comfortable and relaxing but most of us can’t just live in the wild day and night. So if you don’t have enough time to go out and enjoy the miracle nature, you can bring nature into your home instead with a little effort. The rising temperature and the sunshine give us more reasons to do so. Here are some creative ways to decorate your home with nature-inspired home appliance.

Floral patterns&prints

More and more florals inspired by Mother Nature are appearing in our life, especially cotton prints and wallpapers. It’s already a kind of new trend. At the thought of large-scale floral patterns, vibrant blooms and bold hues, you can even smell the spring in the air. Floral curtains, wall papers and pillows are all good choices for a nature-inspired home.

Redecorate with natural elements

Florals are not the only things that can make a home full of natural sense: you can find plant motifs, block-printed plants everywhere from bedding to throw pillows to wall papers. You can use these elements in your home décor to add character and nature to any room without going too bold. Inspired by nature, animal motif or plant motif, whatever you prefer, are both embodiments of Mother Nature.

Bring rustic style home

From rustic pieces to streamlined furniture, from stone walls to wooden lighting, these rustic style pieces exude wild feeling with their natural curves and imperfections. Modern life melding with natural materials is a perfect way to form a nature-inspired home. If you want to make things simple, a wooden lamp with modern shade will perfectly meet your need.

Source: Parrot Uncle

Natural materials – wood, basket-weave and wicker

Nowadays, many people tend to have classic pieces in natural materials. For example, the familiar shape of the mirror will look fresh and unexpected when reframed with mahogany. We believe that wood furniture is always the love of rustic style pursuers or nature enthusiasts. Wooden Table Lamps might be the perfect thing that embodies natural feeling. Imagine a wooden pendant light hanging in your dining room or a wooden lamp in your living room. Both the smooth finishes and rough edges speak to the fact that wood is always the incarnation of nature.

Wicker and basket-weave pieces are common these days, such wicker bed frames, woven pendant light and wicker end tables. Create an outdoors-in ambience in your home by refreshing the existing decoration with natural elements from now on.