Tips for Boosting Your Garden Security

Tips for Boosting Your Garden Security

September 26, 2016 Off By admin

Regardless of where you live, it is always important to take steps to protect your property from outside threats. This is particularly true if you have a large garden, which is why this should be the first line of defence. All homeowners should have a well-fitted and high-quality garden gate, as this will massively improve the safety of both your home and garden.

Keeping Intruders Out

In addition to keeping intruders away from your property, a high-quality garden gate can also keep animals out. This is particularly valuable if you are growing your own vegetables, as this can be a huge problem for many gardeners. With the knowledge that your garden is fully protected from outsiders, it will also give you complete peace of mind. This is especially important when you are away from the house and in the evenings.

Keeping your Stock Animals Safe Outdoors

Types of Gate

There are many different types of gate to consider, with many even being well designed so that they improve the look and feel of your backyard. Swing gates are the most popular choice, but you could also consider a sliding gate which can look fantastic and also boost the security.

Perhaps most important is the lock or bolt, as this is what will stop intruders. There are many different options, including a touch pad, ornamental lock, dropbolt, magnetic lock, hook gate locks and latch locks. Security spikes are also worthwhile to stop intruders from climbing over the top (you must have a sign to warn people if you have these). For all of this gate hardware, you should visit hardware component stores like Barrier Components.

The Perimeter

These are the key factors to consider when choosing a garden gate. Ideally, the gate should stand around1.2 metres (4 foot) and you will also need a 1.8 metre (6 foot) wall or fence at the back of your house to keep out intruders. You could also consider growing prickly plants or a hedge around the perimeter.

Other Factors

This should ensure that your garden is safe and secure from outside threat. However, you should also never leave items lying around in the garden, including barbeques, furniture, tools and lawnmowers. These should be kept in a locked shed or alternatively covered up. Finally, you can deter burglars by installing lights near windows that are triggered by movement.

Keeping your garden safe and secure will also protect your home. The best way to achieve this is through installing a well-fitted and high-quality gate, whilst these other steps will also ensure that no outsiders will gain access to your backyard.