Why Choose Online Casinos Instead of Land-Based Ones

Why Choose Online Casinos Instead of Land-Based Ones

October 15, 2015 Off By Jane

Las Vegas! What a wonderful place! All the lights and people, all the casinos offering games on the Strip! I can’t name any one of my friends who hasn’t dreamed at least once of traveling there, spending a night at the blackjack table and, of course, breaking the bank. But if you live a quiet country life, or the quiet urban life for that matter, visiting Vegas might not be the best choice to give the gambler in you some out time. Why? Well, here are some reasons for which you should choose an online casino instead.

1. Time

To visit Las Vegas, you need to take time off from your daily duties – your job, watching your kids, feeding your pets and tending your garden. Most of us can’t hop into a car and drive to Vegas whenever he or she feels like it. Most of us can spare a yearly trip to the Sin City – some not even that.

Playing at Royal Vegas Casino, my favorite online casino, does not require me to travel – not even to put on pants, for that matter. I can enjoy its excellent game library at home, on the patio, in the living room – wherever I have WiFi. It does not interfere with my daily duties – I can play at Royal Vegas whenever I have the time. And, of course, whenever I feel like it.

2. Money

I’m not talking about the money you spend playing, but of the costs of a trip to Vegas. Plane tickets or gas, lodging and food, dressing up and buying souvenirs – these all cost you money. And most of the times there are better places to spend all that dough.

When it comes to Royal Vegas, you only have to worry about the money you play with. Aside from the cost for an internet connection, there is no additional payment to worry about.

3. Complimentary stuff

When you play at a casino, it gives you something in return, – usually a drink, or maybe a buffet. The same goes for online casinos, too – but there the complimentary stuff is usually money you can play with.

From your first deposit at Royal Vegas Casino you’ll get bonus funds. There are some requirements to fulfill, of course – you can read more about them in the casino Terms. But with the bonus funds you can expand your game time, or even transform them into real money and use them to win more. Things you can’t do with a glass of champagne and a plate full of potato salad.