The truth about locksmiths

The truth about locksmiths

October 21, 2015 Off By Jane

When you think of a locksmith, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The truth is, locksmiths can do a lot more than to help get you back inside your car, place of business or home. A reliable locksmith can also determine if your other existing locks are functioning correctly or if they’re at risk of permitting an easy break-in. Not to mention a catalog of other services you probably wouldn’t associate with a locksmith. Take a look at the following information below, and see why a locksmith can help you in more ways than one and other things you should know.


It seems as though “scam locksmiths” are all the rage circulating the security market, so it’s imperative to be wary of their presence. It’s a smart idea to find a reputable locksmith company you’re sure is legit before you actually need them. Once you get their information, tuck it away inside your wallet or somewhere safe and accessible until their services are needed.

Some locksmiths are also infamously renowned for their false advertising tactics and manipulative strategies. For example, you may find a company that will initially offer you a low service charge or estimate for their assistance—only for them to show up, determine that your lock is a “high-security lock” and will require a higher level of maintenance, only to skyrocket their charges. With this being said, it’s important than you educate yourself to become a bit more lock-savvy so you yourself can determine these unethical practices.


Between locking your keys inside the backseat, losing them at the gym or breaking the key inside the ignition, most people would associate the services of a locksmith with their car, which is true. Having a car is like having house that moves. We bring so many valuables with us at all times that if your vehicle did happen to get stolen, it would create a catastrophic problem.


What’s more distressing than losing your car keys? Losing your house keys, which is a more expensive and time-consuming situation that if not done properly, can put your family in a danger. However, a good residential locksmith can do more than just switch out your locks or help you get inside your home. A good locksmith comes prepared to investigate all of your home’s locks to determine if they’re at risk of easy break-in.

Additional services may include:

  • Door hole installation
  • Window lock installation
  • Doorway lock installation
  • Home safe installation
  • Mortise mechanism repair or replacement
  • Severe weather shutter-lock installation
  • Mailbox lock installation
  • And more…


If you happen to be a business owner or work in a high-level management position, security within your place of business should be seen as a top priority. Between disgruntled employees, intellectual property and irreplaceable files or documents high-level security within a commercial estate needs not only proper installation, but routine checkup or repair. This is where a locksmith can help. A reputable locksmith company offers the following services:

  • Panic bar installation (vital for restaurants or anywhere customers come and go)
  • Mortis lock supply
  • Electronic keypad and keyless-entrance installation
  • Access control system installation
  • Master system installation
  • And more…