Tips for Medication Management for your Elderly Loved One

Tips for Medication Management for your Elderly Loved One

October 1, 2014 0 By Jane

If you provide care for an elderly loved one, or are just concerned about their medication and how they are taking it, taking some steps to get a little more organised can be really effective. We’ve put together some tips for doing just that to help keep them safe, happy and organised.

Keep a list of all medications they are on

If they have a lot of health issues related to cognitive function and are on a lot of different medications, it’s a really good idea to keep a list of them all so you know exactly what they are taking. This is also really useful for any doctors or hospital appointments as you can take it with you to discuss with the doctor or specialist.

Invest in a pill organiser

Especially if your elderly loved one has cognitive problems, investing in a pill box to help them know exactly what medication to take and when can literally be a lifesaver. They’re also really cheap, as you can see on this website.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion

If you are concerned with the medication your loved one is on, whether it’s the amount or the certain pills they’re on, for example, you are well within your right to ask for a second opinion. This is really common and is nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

Ensure they are being stored safely and correctly

Medication that isn’t stored properly can run the risk of becoming unsafe and can be deemed unusable. The leaflet within the medication should tell you how to store it effectively, but if you are ever unsure, be sure to ask your GP or pharmacist how to store it so you can put your mind at rest.

Ask their GP and pharmacist for advice

Speaking to their GP or pharmacist will be one of the most useful and effective ways of getting organised as they will be the ones who know exactly what medication your loved one is on and they will have all the knowledge you need to help keep them safe.

Get the dosage evaluated regularly

Going back to the doctors for regular checkups is really vital if your loved one is on medication, especially if the medication is quite heavy or they are on lots of different things. This is the only way of getting the dosage evaluated too which is important as the dosage will need to be just right to get them well and healthy.

Understand any side effects from the medication

Reading the leaflets that come with the medication should not be something that is avoided. Also, asking the GP or pharmacist what the most likely/common side effects are is a good idea too. If there are no alternatives to the medication they are on and the side effects are unpleasant, having some extra in-home help can be a really good idea. It’s well worth looking at companies like Extra Care at Home that have a range of care options for everyone.