Things to Consider While buying a Projector for Home Television

Things to Consider While buying a Projector for Home Television

February 29, 2016 Off By admin

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A home theater experience is much better if you use a projector as opposed to a large TV. A projector is obviously bigger than a TV, it definitely feels more like you are sitting in a movie theater than on your couch, and the viewing experience is just much more enjoyable. TVs are measured in inches whereas projectors are measured in feet. That fact that you will be investing in some that big makes it incredibly important you understand what to look for, so that you choose the right projector. There are a number of considerations that you must take into account upon deciding which projector is right for your in-home movie theater.

First, resolution is the number one consideration that you must look at while purchasing your projector. The resolution of a TV or projector is described as the pixel count on the screen. Most projectors have resolutions of 720p or 1080p. Remember, smaller pixels means better resolutions (1080p is better than 720p). The better resolution you can obtain the better picture quality you will get. You might also want to look into an HDTV resolution projector as opposed to the standard. Most movies are available in HD now and this makes the picture even more lifelike.

The contrast ratio is important because it determines how bright and how dim your projector can get. Projectors are better because they can display the more subtle colors than TVs can. Obviously, movies are better in a dark environment, but this means your projector must be able to display bright details and dark details. Make sure your projector has optimal viewing capability by having good contrast ratio.

Last, output and brightness settings are also important. Most projects have settings from 700 to 2500 lumens. This is important because you may want to watch your movie during the day or in a room that does not always have the lights dimmed.  A higher brightness rating is needed to ensure that the display is good enough to watch movies in both dark and daytime settings.

Every projector has a wide range of features and available options. The three discussed above: resolution, contrast ratio, and light output and brightness are the top three considerations you specifically need to look at when purchasing a new projector for your home theater. Understanding each of these and making sure you include these in your decision making process will ensure you end up with a very capable and well-rounded projector.

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